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ZEISS Binoculars Victory SF 8x32

Product no.: 68094
Manufacturer: ZEISS

$ 2,730.00

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ZEISS Binoculars Victory SF 8x32
ZEISS Binoculars Victory SF 8x32
ZEISS Binoculars Victory SF 8x32
ZEISS Binoculars Victory SF 8x32
ZEISS Binoculars Victory SF 8x32
ZEISS Binoculars Victory SF 8x32
ZEISS Binoculars Victory SF 8x32
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Product description:

ZEISS introduces VICTORY SF binoculars as the ultimate observing experience. According to ZEISS: "THE WORLD'S BEST BINOCULARS FOR BIRDWATCHING AND NATURE WATCHING"

ZEISS rounds off its VICTORY line with these new VICTORY SF models. Boasting a brilliant image, light weight, an unrivalled wide field of view and perfect ergonomics, they are ideally suited for any type of observing. The ZEISS VICTORY SF line sets a new benchmark in optical performance and ergonomics with its completely new product design featuring a triple bridge.

The core of the new ZEISS VICTORY SF binoculars is their Ultra-FL optics, designed to provide previously unattained levels of sharpness, brightness and colour fidelity. The heart of the new optical concept from Carl ZEISS is a newly developed and highly innovative lens system which includes two fluoride lens elements made from SCHOTT glass. The result is unprecedented level of observing - full of brilliance and letting you see the finest details.

The extremely low weight of only 780 grams is also unique for binoculars with this optical performance - allowing a fatigue-free viewing experience together with the highest optical quality. As well as a radical reduction in weight, ZEISS VICTORY SF binoculars give you another world first: The Ergo Balance-Concept - the centre of gravity of the binoculars, in contrast to classical instruments, has been shifted a long way towards the rear. Hence the binoculars tend to move under their own weight towards the eye and stay there for long periods of fatigue-free viewing - an advantage which noticeably improves their handling in the field.

The entirely newly developed 7-element eyepieces, which include ZEISS field flattener technology, produce an image that is sharp right out to the edge of the sensationally wide field of view. So the VICTORY SF 10x42 at 120m and the VICTORY SF 8x42 at 148 m at 1000m distance are unmatched in their class. The VICTORY SF simply offers more of an overview than the competition.

Unlike the traditional double bridge design, the focusing mechanics of the new ZEISS VICTORY SF have been relocated to the upper bridge; the focusing wheel is hence shifted further towards the operator, leading to better ergonomics. Your hands also have enough room even wearing winter gloves. This novel focusing arrangement means a more relaxed posture for the hands and hence longer fatigue-free observing sessions.

The newly developed anti-slip profile on the focusing wheel increases grip and allows rapid focusing even in the wet. The ZEISS has also designed the Smart Focus Concept into their VICTORY SF binoculars : Conventional binoculars require 2.5 turns of the focusing wheel to focus over their entire range of focus. The VICTORY SF only requires 1.8 turns. With 39% less distance to turn, focusing is hence reached more quickly and accurately in the field - a convenient concept for avid birdwatchers and nature-watchers.

The newly designed ever-ready carrying case provides you with 2 closure options: a magnetic lock for rapid accessibility of the binoculars and a zipper so that your binoculars are optimally protected during transport.

The combination of optical performance, low weight, a wide field of view and excellent ergonomics means that ZEISS VICTORY SF 42 binoculars simply have no competition.

Features summary:

  • a brilliant observing experience with the newly developed ultra-FL lens
  • quickly in the picture - an unrivalled wide angle field of view (120m/ 48m)
  • light to use - the lowest weight in its performance class
  • best focusing - SMART FOCUS concept already at 1.5 metres
  • observe without fatigue - the ErgoBalance-Concept
  • best workmanship - made for the outdoors. For life.

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