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AstroMedia Kit Sunwatch Verlag DIY telescope

Product no.: 15052
Manufacturer: AstroMedia

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AstroMedia Kit Sunwatch Verlag DIY telescope
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Product description:

The DIY telescope

An astronomical refractor telescope with 30X magnification for the price of a CD!

In the International Year of Astronomy 2009, hundreds of thousands of people discovered the night sky - craters on the Moon, Jupiter's moons, and more, with optically high-quality but very inexpensive telescopes.

As well as the official 'Galileoscope' from America, we now have our own DIY telescope.

The name says it all:

In addition to first-class colour-corrected lenses, detailed assembly instructions and other accessories, you are given a shopping list for the DIY market. Then, with the plastic piping you can purchase there and a short time to put everything together, you will have a sturdy astronomical telescope that will provide you with a sharp-edged, chromatic aberration-free image at 30X magnification. And the telescope can be screwed onto any tripod thanks to the tripod adapter included.

As with all astronomical telescopes, the image is inverted, but that does not matter for astronomical observing purposes.

Galileo and Kepler could not even have dreamed of such a telescope - achromatic lenses of this quality were only invented centuries after their time. And, besides, at that time there were also no DIY stores!

Kit (without the DIY store tubes), complete with lenses, eyepiece, mount and tripod adapter (round)

Objective lens: achromatic, diameter 40mm, focal length 450mm

Eyepiece: Ploessl, 15mm diameter, focal length 15mm

Length assembled - 53cm

The Moon, photographed with the DIY telescope and a simple digital camera. (c)Wolfgang Busch

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Right of return up to January 31 2022!