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DZ series

Either standard versions or customized models are available thanks to the large choice of central zoom units, eyepieces, stands and accessories

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Products 1 - 1 of 1
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6 standard configurations are available for magnifications from 8 to 80 times. One can configure other configurations for magnifications from 4x up to160 times around the central zoom bodies DZ.1000, DZ.0800 or DZ.0630

A fluorescence illumination unit enables scientific research like for studies of vertebrate development and gene function, teratology, genetics and environmental sciences.

  • Binocular and trinocular models
  • 6 standard configurations or customized configuration
  • Ergonomic tilting head from 5 to 35° tilting or fixed 20° inclined head, EWF10x/22mm eyepieces
  • Three central zoom units from 4 to 320x
  • Field of views from 55 to 1.4 mm
  • Working distances from 126 to 33 mm
  • Ergonomical rack & pinion stands, universal stand or articulated arm stand
  • Transmitted and incident LED illumination
  • 100 W epi-fluorescence mercury vapor illuminator
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