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DIGIPHOT H-5000 H, HDMI head for 5 MP f DM - 5000 digital microscope, 15X - 365X

Product no.: 55017
Manufacturer: DIGIPHOT

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Product description:

Please note that this product desciption was translated by a computer. For more information please contact our english speaking customer service.

WiFi Camera H-5000W

  • The latest generation 5MP sensor ensures high-quality, color-neutral and high-contrast reproduction of the object.
  • The built - in rechargeable battery allows up to 4.5 hours of operation. Charging takes place via USB cable.
  • Data transmission is possible via WiFi as well as via USB cable .
  • Can be used With the base 55006 with 1 lighting type and 55019 With 2 lighting modes


The software contains all essential elements for the processing of image and text data.

  • Including text recognition,
  • To draw, to paint,
  • Email Shipping
  • Take pictures
  • video recordings
  • Creation of screenshots
  • Highlights of certain screen areas
  • Dimensioning (one-time calibration)

In addition, a wide range of tools are available to help you work with the digital microscope. You can, for example, mark parts of the image as well as juxtapose several images and examine them in parallel.

The program allows you to work in a variety of ways, whether for hobby, education or profession.

The software runs on Windows ™ PCs, as well as smartphones and tablets with Android ™ operating systems. An app is also available for use with Apple ™ devices.

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