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Omegon 1.25''UV / IR cut-off filter

Product no.: 33218
Manufacturer: Omegon

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Omegon 1.25''UV / IR cut-off filter
Omegon 1.25''UV / IR cut-off filter
Omegon 1.25''UV / IR cut-off filter
Product description
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Product description:

Omegon IR / UV blocking filter - keeps your planetary images sharp

Really sharp planetary images are only possible using an IR/UV blocking filter. This Omegon filter only allows the visible light between 400 and 780nm through. The UV and IR regions of the spectrum are completely blocked.

CCD exposures of planets and stars - sharp images

A CCD camera is not only sensitive to visible light but also to other wavelengths. Planets not only shine in visible light, but also in the infrared for example. But they are out of focus in the IR region. The Omegon filters only lets through the visible light, the light that is really 'wanted', meaning sharp planetary images.

Solar observing - blocking UV light

The Omegon UV/IR blocking filter is also very useful when observing the Sun. The harmful UV rays that can contribute to cataracts are filtered out. The filter is also essential when using a Herschel wedge, but is also extremely useful when observing using an objective solar filter (e.g. a foil filter).

Your eyes are valuable! - protect them with an Omegon UV/IR blocking filter.

The advantages in a nutshell:

  • only lets through visible light
  • blocks the UV and IR range
  • particularly useful for planetary imaging with webcams
  • optically polished and coated
  • continued in a robust 1.25" aluminium housing

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