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NexDome provides a revolutionary design of observatories. The domes can be shipped for only 60 Euros in Germany and 150 Euros European-wide and can be assambled in just a few hours.

We stock the domes in our German warehouse, ship fast and cost-effectively and provide multi-langual customer service. In contrast to the prices on the Canadian manufacturer's website, our prices include overseas transport to Europe, as well as EU customs and VAT.

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Products 1 - 9 of 14
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Quick Assembly

Here is a NexDome assembled in 3.5 hours. Obviously these guys knew what they are doing but it also shows how easy it is to assemble one. The assemblers told us that there was a heavy rain fall right after the completion of the NexDome and not a single drop of the water was seen inside, not even on the floor.

Many Options

NexDome observatory dome on a home-made base.

NexDome observatories are also available without an enclosure. This means you can order just the dome and attach it to your own observatory.

Order the NexDome 2.2m observatory dome with base ring for this purpose. The ring is placed on the observatory enclosure. Rollers are mounted inside it, on which the dome is mounted and can then hence be rotated.

You can design your observatory using your own concept.

Even as a roof observatory

The NexDome observatory dome as a roof observatory

Examples of using the NexDome observatory dome for a roof observatory are already available on the Internet. The low weight and the delivery in individual parts make this dome particularly suitable for this. It does not need a crane - you can mount it directly onto the roof.

This example also shows the NexDome 2.2m observatory dome with base ring.

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