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Product no.: 71581

M54 Camera Adapter

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Product description

The M54 thread is becoming popular on full-frame, dedicated astro-imaging cameras and filter wheels/holders.

The TeleVue M54 camera adapter has male M54 x 0.75mm threads on one side and the 2.4" TeleVue Imaging System female threads on the other.

This allows for easy integration of your M54 compatible hardware with TeleVue's Imaging System accessories and the Nagler-Petzval “is” telescopes.

The M54 adapter can also be combined with non-imaging system scopes of any brand by using a Tele Vue Imaging System nosepiece for 2" focuser.



Connector (at camera end)
M54 x 0,75
Connection (to the telescope)
Appropriate for telescopes
TeleVue AP 101/540 NP-101 OTA


Type of build
Camera adaptor
TeleVue M54 Camera Adapter

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