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Baader Filters Fringe Killer 1,25''

Product no.: 10149
Manufacturer: Baader

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Baader Filters Fringe Killer 1,25''
Product description
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Manufacturer's product description:

The most subtle details on lunar craters and planetary surfaces can now be seen more easily!

The colour fringe-killer blocks unfocused light in the red part of the spectrum (IR) - but, most importantly, it suppresses over 50% of irritating glare in the blue part of the spectrum - but without changing the colour appearance of the image!

Our expert comment:

The Fringekiller blocks about a third of the blue light. The transmission in red and green light is 100%. The resulting loss of light over the entire spectrum is only about 12%.

The semi-apo filter blocks more than 25% in blue and red light. The proportion is lower in green, but about 30% of light is lost across the entire spectrum. But the colours are once again neutral, except for a slight green tint. The light reducing effect of the semi-apo filter is about half a stop.

(Bernd Gährken)

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