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- projection finder scope with base

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Product description

Telrad - projection finder with base
Since many years, the telrad has been indispensable for searching. Many star adorers swear on this component part and use it in place of optical finders or complementing to an optial finder.
The Telrad is a very innovative finder. One is able to see all stars with the very eye and can´t loose track.
It can be used for almost all astronomical telescopes which have a lense tube with a minimum of 30 cm lenght.
Buildup of the Telrad
The Telrad consists of two parts, the finder and the base. The finder is held on the base with two knurled screws.
The finder itself is made of synthetics, so it´s very light. The batteries for the illumination are placed in the front part of the finder.

Our expert comment:

More than just a projection finderscope: did you know that you can also use a Telrad or Radiant to align an EQ mount? See our expert tip in the magazine article The Telrad Trick



Type of build
Red Dot & Projection Viewfinders

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Telrad - projection finder scope with base
Telrad - projection finder scope with base

Customer reviews

Excellent Product

Review by WDGH on 23.03.2015 18:47:50

( 5 / 5 )

I purchased the Telrad as a replacement for the red dot finderscope pre-installed on my Celestron Nexstar Evo 9.25". Once set up, which takes only a few minutes, you can easily bring any target to bear in a matter of seconds, thus saving a lot of time. I set mine up several min ths ago and have never had to realign it. The light on the concentric circles is variable, and the scope works much better with the light as faint as possible, thus not obscuring the target object. The scope is supplied with double sided tape to mount it - or you can mount it on an optional dovetail rail. I mounted mine using the tape, which I retrospectively regret, as I now want to move it. I wish I had purchased the mounting rail as well. Notwithstanding this, I am very pleased with this product.

An absolute must for beginners.

Review by soniC on 12.06.2013 22:17:49

( 5 / 5 )

I got an 8 inch Skyliner dobsonian and read on astronomy forums that a Telrad is invaluable in finding celestial objects like stars and planets. It is a must have, and can save many hours of misery from the Skyliners quite inaccurate finder scope. And you know what? They were absolutely RIGHT. I am SO happy I got this upgrade right off the bat, and I use it every time. And every time it works wonders, from the Telrad I can go straight to my 20 mm EP and sometimes even my 8mm EP. Incredible! I can be star gazing in my highest magnification eyepiece in a matter of 30 secs!
The base has some sticky tape which sticks on to your scope. Works fine. Only minus is that fainter objects can be hard to see on the telrad. For that a finder scope can help, but ulitmately the Telrad can get you close to where you want to go from bright to faint objects because it has rings on it.

Highly, highly recommended as it has saved me much frustration under the starry nights! As you can hear I am quite enthusiastic about this product, and if you find reviews on the Telrad you will find similiar stories to mine :-)

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