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Refractometer RF.5635

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Product description

Handheld refractometer RF5635 (analog)

Concentrations of grapes and fruit

Units in Brix, °Oe (Oechsle) and °KMW

Refractometers are used for the identification of substances and concentration measurement of fluids. Because the refractive index (R.I.) of a solution is proportional to the concentration it is easy to identify the substance or to measure the purity and concentrations of solutions. The Euromex refractometers are calibrated at 20° Celsius. Most refractometers are equipped with Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC).


• Only a few drops of the liquid are necessary to read the refractive index straight from the built-in scale

• The reflected light beam projects a shadow line onto a small glass reticle inside the instrument.

• The line and scale can be read through a magnifying eyepiece.

• The reading of most refractometers are corrected with an automatic temperature compensation (ATC)

• All refractometers are equipped with an ATC (exept RF.5190) and are supplied with specific scales


• The food industry uses to determine the exact Brix concentration in marmalades, fruit, fruit juices, honey, treacle, wine and other food products

• In the chemistry and oil industry refractometers are used to measure water / oil emulsions


Euromex Refractometer RF.5635

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