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2WAJ, Abbe table refraktometer

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Product description


Abbe bench-top refractometer measures refractive index ND and average color dispersion NF-NC of transparent and semi-transparent liquid or solid samples. It is a must-have equipment in factories, teaching institutes and science research centers related to oil, grease, pharmacy,painting, food, sugar-refining and geological industries, among the others. It is unique thanks to its ability in measuring also solid samples, such as film, glass, and other transparent materials.

Main prism: horizontal

Secondary prism: fitted on a hinge

Refraction index scale: Nd 1.300 – 1.700

Precision: Nd ± 0.0003

Division: Nd 0.0005

Sugars scale: 0-95% from Nd 1.300 – 1.530

Precision: 0-50% = 0.2%; 51-95% = 0.1%

Division: 0.25%

Thermometer scale: 0°C - 70°C, div. 1°C

Weight: 4 Kg

Size: 140x100x235 mm



Length (mm)
Width (mm)
Height (mm)
Weight (g)


Optika 2WAJ, Abbe table refraktometer

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