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Vixen Set B solar projection screen

Product no.: 23598
Manufacturer: Vixen

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Manufacturer's product description:

With this projection screen you can observe the Sun risk free. The screen can be attached securely to the focuser. The Sun is then projected onto a white screen with 24 centimeters diameter. So you can share your study of sunspots with other observers - ideal for observatories!

At 40 to 50 times magnification the Sun will be reproduced completely on the disc.

Our expert comment:

For safety reasons you should completely remove the finder scope from the telescope when observing the Sun. Under the search term "solar finder" you can find special finders with which you can safely set up the telescope to view the Sun.

It is recommended that you use simple Huygens eyepieces for projection.

You can calculate the size of the image of the Sun in millimeters using the following formula: Sun image diameter = 0.5 x distance between the image and the focal point x the magnification.

(Stefan Taube)

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