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Omegon Star chart Sternkarte 17,5cm / 50°

Product no.: 53052
Manufacturer: Omegon

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Omegon Star chart Sternkarte 17,5cm / 50°
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Product description:

Recognize constellations and find objects - a planisphere star map for successful astronomy

Stop guessing which stars those above you might be. The Big Dipper, Sagittarius, the Summer Triangle - with the Omegon rotating star map, or planisphere, you have the information about the constellations and where to find them at your fingertips. This map contains all the constellations in the northern sky plus many deep sky objects for your observing. You can see what's in the night sky at any time of the day and in any season - as if you've always known it.

The advantages in a nutshell

  • rotatable star map for orientation in the night sky, to have a lot of fun with. Lets you recognize every constellation in future.
  • precise and accurate for Central Europe between 45° and 55° latitude north. Adjustable to match the current night sky with exact and realistic positions.
  • months, days, hours, and minutes - adjust the stars to the nearest minute at any time of the year so you can see exactly when and which constellations are coming up and going down.
  • simply set the date scale and select the correct sky section within a few seconds

  1. Constellations - a map to find everything
  2. People often gaze up at the night sky and ask themselves the question 'which stars am I looking at up there'? Rarely does it happen that you find someone who can explain that to you properly. And if you do, then they are often amazed at your 'ignorance'. Now you can be one of those people who really appreciate this unique natural experience. The Omegon map lets you get to know the night sky in no time at all.
  3. It's so easy to orient yourself in the night sky
  4. The star map consists of a round disc featuring the constellations and a cover that shows you the sky detail in the four different directions. Just turn the cover until it is set to the current date. Then compare the actual night sky with the field of view shown on the map - and you'll learn where to find all the constellations.
  5. Over 700 stars and 20 astronomical objects
  6. This map lets you find all the brighter stars that you can actually see in the night sky. This is an advantage as this is not the case with all star charts.
  7. Also for observers using a telescope, the map includes about 20 of the brighter deep sky objects - galaxies, nebulae, star clusters, binary stars and other objects, objects that are also ideal for beginners.
  8. Other benefits of the Omegon map

  • water-repellent material so you can use the card even in the dew
  • bright and faint stars are clearly recognizable - shown in different sizes
  • clear explanation of symbols
  • instructions on the back for how to use the star chart
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