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The Baader ClickLock clamp sits centrally and will not rotate or slip! A small, effortless 20° rotation is all that is required, even in winter with gloves.

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Principle of the ClickLock clamp

Principle of the ClickLock clamp

The ClickLock clamp consists of seven precision-machined components that provide a highly effective locking mechanism. The concept originates from professional mechanical engineering. This is also the principle behind the tool holder on a modern CNC milling machine. The tightening torque is greatly increased by the skilful use of lever forces. The inserted object is held on three sides with a quick-release chuck and therefore cannot tilt. Notably, only a small amount of effort is required.

The clamp is very laborious to assemble during the manufacturing process, so the price initially seems high for a clamping device. But when you consider its precision, ease of use, and stability, it's more than worth the money.

The picture shows a Celeston C14, the manufacturer’s heaviest telescope optics. The ClickLock clamp is so secure that the telescope can be held by the zenith mirror. Of course, the picture is for demonstration purposes only, a telescope should not be carried in this way.

Case study: ClickLock on a Celestron SC EdgeHD