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Starquest telescopes from Skywatcher combine small optics with a lightweight equatorial mount in a new design. A light aluminium tripod with an accessory tray is also included: the perfect telescope for easy transportation and a quick view of the sky.

The high-quality Starquest mount includes a worm gear with 122 teeth on each axle. This ensures a high degree of stability and sensitive tracking by hand with the easy-to-use flexible shafts.

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Which optic is the right one for me?

The choice of optic depends on the preferred application:

  • The AC102/500 refractor displays large areas of the sky. Large objects such as nebulae, open star clusters or comets can be viewed with it.
  • The MC 102/1300 Maksutov is particularly compact. Despite its small dimensions, this optic has a very long focal length. It allows high magnification levels and is a real specialist for the Moon and planets - but also planetary nebulae and double stars can be observed with the Maksutov. With this selection of objects and the backward view into the eyepiece, the Maksutov is ideal for balcony observatories in light-polluted cities. A further advantage is the closed optical system: the mirror cannot become dirty.
  • The 130/650 Newtonian telescope is the best compromise. It has the largest aperture and thus collects the most light. Even faint nebulae can be detected with it. The Newtonian optic is also particularly inexpensive due to its design. The relatively long tube, however, has the greatest lever effect on the mount.