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Yukon Night vision device NV 5x60

Product no.: 12886
Manufacturer: Yukon

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Manufacturer's product description:

The Night Vision Scope NV 5x60 is able to show distances of 250m, which makes it a useful tool for huntsmen and for observation.

The scope of delivery often does not includes batteries or, if included, only low-quality batteries. These cannot be replaced under warranty. To avoid being disappointed the very first time you use the equipment, we recommend you order suitable batteries at the same time you order the equipment. Especially for equipment that is used outdoors, we recommend the use of high quality brand-name batteries. Lithium batteries are to be preferred, as these lose hardly any of their charge during prolonged storage and also do not lose performance in cold temperatures.

You can find these in the list of recommended accessories.

We must point out that discharged batteries do not go into the household rubbish!

You are legally obligated to follow the correct procedure for disposing of these batteries. Please feel free to return them to us for disposal, free of charge.

Our expert comment:

The device has the typical sensitivity of the first generation, but it is better than most other devices in this price range in terms of the edge sharpness. An IR spotlight is built in. Two 1/4 inch threads allow connection to a tripod. A CR123A type battery is included in delivery and is good for around 50 hours of continuous operation. Replacement batteries are available from photographic shops.

Optional accessories include IR illumination and camera and video adapters. Please refer to our accessory recommendations

(Marcus Schenk)

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