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Glossary | Night vision devices | Special features

Night vision devices can be equipped with additional functions.

More information:

  • Digital imaging
    Digital night vision devices use a different technology, which makes the devices much cheaper.
  • Head mount
    A head mount ensures the vision device is held steady in front of the eye. In addition, the hands are free for other tasks.
  • Infrared illuminator
    Generates an invisible light which is detected by the night vision device. This makes it possible to see even in absolute darkness.
  • Overexposure protection
    Protects the night vision device from bright light accidentally entering the optics.
  • Splash-proof
    These devices may only be exposed to moderate moisture or light drops of water.
  • Threaded tripod connector
    This allows the device to be mounted onto a standard photographic tripod with a 1/4" camera screw.
  • Video output
    For transfer to a TV device or a grabber.
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