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Glossary > Night vision devices > Performance

Glossary | Night vision devices | Performance

Performance data enables night vision devices to be compared with one another.

More information:

Front lens diameter

The second specification in a night vision device’s model number is the front lens diameter. The larger it is, the more light the night vision device collects.

Generation (5)

Describes the different technologies.

Image display (1)

Depending on the model, there are different options to display the image.

Image intensifier tube (4)

An image intensifier tube collects the residual light and sends it to the image converter.


The first number in the model number represents the magnification. It specifies how much larger an object appears compared to when viewed with the naked eye.

Maximum range

The range up to which the night vision device can be used in low-light conditions.

Type of build

Indicates whether it is a: 1. Binocular - for both eyes 2. Monocular - for one eye