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From roll-off-roof cabins to robotic observatories for research and education, we are your partner for observatory solutions.

Sternen Warte Bau

Many amateur astronomers dream of having their own observatory. Your telescope never needs to be moved and is always ready for use. The dome protects the telescope from stray light, wind and weather. There is no alternative to the fixed installation of instruments for research and education.

Benefit from our experience

Our specialists for large, stationary telescopes and observatories will be happy to talk to you without obligation about how you can realize your own observatory. We offer a one-stop service: telescope, dome and the complete installation - we are happy to hand over your observatory ready for use!

Our customers include not only experienced amateur astronomers, but also associations, schools, universities and other institutions - in many countries across Europe and worldwide.


We offer truss tube Ritchey-Chrétien systems under our own brand Omegon Pro, and are the Europe-wide distributor for high-end apochromats from Agema Optics. We also offer other brands such as Meade, Celeston, Planewave, APM and others.


To mount your valuable telescope we rely on the following brands: 10Micron, Paramount from Software Bisque, Losmandy.


We will find the right observatory for you, that is exactly tailored to your needs. We rely on our long-standing partner ScopeDome, who offers high-quality domes at very attractive prices - from compact 2 m diameter, 3 m and 4 m right up to the large 5.5 m observatory, each with various options, with and without motorized drives.


Our observatory team specializes in high-end robotic and remote-controlled observatories. With the TCS (Telescope Control System) we provide cross-platform solutions on Windows and LINUX. The TCS system also takes care of all the automated functions of the observatory, such as synchronisation, power control and instrument management. In addition, a wide range of multimedia solutions is available for schools, universities, public observatories and conference centres.


Astroshop offers you the simplest way to build your own observatory. If required, we can take over finding a location for you, and we will help you to find the right dome. Furthermore, we are happy to take over the on-site planning, take care of all the construction issues, and electrical and IT requirements. We also offer satellite internet solutions for very remote observing locations.


Our team develops observatories, which are fully tailored to the specifications of our customers, from the ground up using modern CAD/CAM systems. Precision in design and modern CNC manufacturing methods enable us to offer a wide range of scientific-standard optical and mechanical performance and observing solutions.


Our experienced assembly teams travel around the world to build astronomical observatories in remote, high-altitude, and hostile environments. Specially adapted versions of our domes can be found in polar regions, coastal areas and desert environments. Astroshop offers a wide range of on-site services and ready-to-use solutions for the astronomical community, including instrument integration, engineering services, optics customisation and optical calibrations.

Training and maintenance

If required, we also offer training and maintenance.

Visit our showroom in Landsberg am Lech near Munich. We have complete observatories including domes on display. Please arrange a consultation appointment.

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