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Welcome to our scope showroom!

Why not pay a visit to our showroom?

There is a great variety of telescopes, spotting scopes and binoculars of various brands on display for you, allowing you to get a close look at every detail.

We have telescopes for any need – refractors, newtonian or Schmidt-Cassegrain systems, from basic units for the novice up to high-end equipment for astrophotography, compiling a large number of instruments available for close examination.






You will be able to compare straight away those Celestron, Meade, Skywatcher and many other brands, in order to find the most suitable system for you and your budget. There are five amateur astronomers making up our advisory team; they will be most pleased to help you make your choice.

Before your visit, please give us a call to fix an appointment, so that we can make sufficient time for you. Thank you!

We ship worldwide