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i-Nova Camera PLA-C2 Color

Product no.: 22924
Manufacturer: i-Nova

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i-Nova Camera PLA-C2 Color
i-Nova Camera PLA-C2 Color
i-Nova Camera PLA-C2 Color
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Product description:

Please note that this product desciption was translated by a computer. For more information please contact our english speaking customer service.

The series cameras PLxCam designed specifically for astrophotography. They are particularly sensitive to light and have been fitted with electronic circuitry and software that are optimized for applications in astronomy back.

  • For the cameras of the series its own software has been developed which makes full use of its potential and is intuitive to use: PLxCapture
  • The integrated circuit with specific IC (FPGA) significantly reduces the noise.
  • There are three speeds for reading the chip: High speed for planets, sun, and moon photography; half speed to the readout noise to reduce; 1/4 speed for deep sky shots and improved visual mode with minimal readout noise.
  • During long-term exposure, the non-essential elements of the electronics be switched to power saving mode, which reduces the heating of these components and thus the thermal noise.
  • The cameras are equipped with an interface that allows communication with an optional GPS module or a regulated cooling system.
  • It is possible to connect multiple cameras to a PC and to control each camera through an instance of PLxCapture software or autoguiding software.
  • The PLxCapture software works in client-server mode. Several configurations are possible: PLxCapture in server mode and the Sequencer module in client mode; multiple cameras on multiple PCs can be controlled by a third party (such as an Internet browser).
  • The SDK (Software Development Kit) is available on request from the manufacturer for programming (Microsoft C # or C + +) available.

The PLxCam series offers a variety of camera's for different purposes and budgets.

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