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i-Nova Camera PLA-Mx Mono

Product no.: 22833
Manufacturer: i-Nova

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i-Nova Camera PLA-Mx Mono
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Product description:

I-Nova Astro CCD cameras - The all-rounder for your planetary images

The new I-Nova Astro CCD camera lets you enter a new realm of quality in lunar and planetary photography. The highly sensitive and extremely low noise chip will give you endless sharp planetary images that you will really want to show off.

A new combination of camera chip and internal electronics makes this possible.

The chip

The camera chip is the heart of your I-Nova Astro CCD camera. This camera uses the Sony ICX618ALA chip, which is significantly more sensitive than the chips previously used in this camera (e.g. the Sony ICX098). With a resolution of 640x480 pixels (5.6μmx5.6μm/pixel), it is suitable for imaging planets and other compact objects. Even shorter exposure times mean that the seeing can be 'frozen' even finer. The result: Sharp astrophotos of planets including a wealth of detail - once only the preserve of professional cameras. The spectral sensitivity in the near infrared is excellent and, at 600nm, is about 98%. Even at 700nm, it only drops to about 90%. And even in the long-wave infrared region, at 900nm, the camera has a sensitivity of 28%. In comparison, different cameras (ICX098) can only achieve about 14%. Significantly less noisy planetary exposures can be made in this region and used as luminance images for LRGB exposures for example.

The images can be read at full resolution at a maximum of 62 frames per second. The now improved sensitivity to short term changes in celestial objects means that these can now be documented in a fascinating way. Observe the evolution of the fine detail on Jupiter or Mars, or freeze rapidly changing features such as sunspots or prominences. Take advantage of these outstanding features - your astronomical imaging will soon bear new fruit!

Autoguiding - A camera with even more uses

Why only use this camera for planetary imaging? Autoguiding - i.e. the automatic tracking of a guide star - is becoming increasingly important. Hence the I-Nova camera naturally has an autoguiding interface provided. There is no significant gain in weight; the I-Nova is a small light-weight box that fits easily onto your guide scope or off-axis guider.

An ST4 (RJ12) interface provides a simple connection to your mount and, of course, the camera is fully ASCOM compatible. You can use the camera together with diverse autoguiding software, which perhaps you already own. Ascom plugins for various programs (eg PHD Guiding) are available. Control of a motorised filter wheel is also possible.

Connecting made ​​easy

The camera is extremely user-friendly and is straightforward to connect to the telescope and PC. A USB 2.0 port allows you to connect to any Windows PC. After the simple installation of the PLxCapture software and selection of the appropriate driver, you can start using the camera immediately.

You can connect the camera directly to your telescope using a matching 1.25" barrel adapted from a typical 31.7mm size C-mount thread. The 1.25" filter thread provided can be used, for example, for screwing in an IR blocking filter.

A 1/4" thread is available on the bottom of the camera to allow you to mount it onto a tripod. So you can mount the camera on a standard camera tripod and, for example, attach a C-mount lens. There is a wide range of options are open to you.

The advantages in a nutshell:

  • I-Nova camera with Sony ICX618ALA monochrome chip - 640x480 resolution
  • an advantage for sharp planetary images: an extremely sensitive chip
  • very rapid read-out of full resolution images
  • rapid data transfer via USB 2.0 connection
  • USB Cable, 1.70 meters long
  • simple installation: 1.25"adapter with filter thread
  • built-in photo-thread
  • CD-ROM with comprehensive software package included
  • extremely compact: 50x50x40mm
The front of the camera
Saturn - Copyright by R. De Benedictis

The Moon - Copyright by M. Patry
Comparison of all the models in the series

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