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i-Nova Camera PLB-Cx Color
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Product description:

The versatile camera with a modern CMOS sensor for Moon, Sun, planet and deep sky exposures

  • the Aptina CMOS sensor has a very high quantum yield (a measure of sensitivity) from the visual spectral range into the near infrared.
  • ideal for taking high-resolution images of the Sun, Moon and planets. Longer exposures for deep sky objects can also be used thanks to the high sensitivity and low noise.
  • with its ability to do 2x2 binning, the camera can generate large 7.4ìm pixels and so permits auto guiding using fainter stars.
  • the camera body comes equipped with a C-mount connector.

  1. Included in delivery:

  • C-mount to 1.25" adapter
  • USB cable for connection to PC or laptop
  • PLxCapture software from iNova for controlling the camera plus ASCOM plugin

With the PLB, you get a versatile camera for planetary imaging, for taking your first steps in

deep sky astrophotography and it is also suitable for auto guiding.

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