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Meade Camera LPI-G Mono
Meade Camera LPI-G Mono
Meade Camera LPI-G Mono
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Product description:

As the name implies, the Lunar, Planetary Imager & Guider (LPI-G) is an ideal camera for photographing the Moon, planets and - with suitable filters - the Sun. The camera can also be used as an auto-guider - it works via an ST-4 connector and the required ASCOM interface.

Speed ​​is important in a planetary camera - the LPI-G delivers 28fps at full resolution and 30fps at 640x480 - allowing you to record a video in which the air turbulence in the individual images is effectively 'frozen'. This video can then be used to superimpose the best images to give a summed exposure (known as 'stacking').

The included software has the image acquisition and editing software required: Meade SkyCapture.

In addition to the software, the camera also comes with a USB cable, an ST-4 cable and a 1.25" nosepiece to allow you to connect the camera to the telescope via the C-thread or into the focuser like a 1.25" eyepiece.

Colour or mono? Black and white cameras have the advantage of higher sensitivity and resolution than colour cameras. However, more effort is required to obtain a colour image. You also need colour filters and a filter wheel

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