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ZWO Camera ASI 290 MC Color

Product no.: 50242
Manufacturer: ZWO

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ZWO Camera ASI 290 MC Color
ZWO Camera ASI 290 MC Color
ZWO Camera ASI 290 MC Color
Product description
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Product description:

An excellent all-purpose camera with small pixel size, high frame rate and low readout noise.

This camera offers a back-illuminated Sony CMOS sensor camera at a very reasonable price. This technology combines the excellent noise-reduction characteristics of a CMOS sensor with the high light sensitivity of a CCD chip. Technically, 'back illuminated' means that the wiring of the pixels is carried on the surface of the sensor facing away from the incident light. This results in no shadowing on the active area. The advantage is high sensitivity that makes even the uncooled models from this series suitable for deep sky astrophotography.

Other features

  • extremely adaptable - the distance from the T2 thread to the sensor is 12.5 millimetres
  • high sensitivity in H-alpha and near infrared. An IR blocking filter should be used if this is not required.
  • large sensor for beautiful high-resolution, wide-view images - thanks to small pixel size.

Supported resolutions and frame rates (fps = frames per second):


  • 1936×1096: 20,4fps
  • 1280×960: 35,3fps
  • 640×480: 141,5fps
  • 320×240: 355,9fps
  • 2X2Bin: 968×548: 20,4fps

USB3.0 12Bit ADC:

  • 1936×1096: 82.2fps
  • 1280×960: 93.6fps
  • 640×480: 184fps
  • 320×240: 355.9fps
  • 2X2Bin :968×548: 82.2fps

In addition to the camera and the adapters, a USB cable, an ST4 auto-guider cable and a CD with drivers for PC, Mac, Linux are also included.

A 2.5mm wide-angle lens is also included. This allows the camera to be used without any additional optics and also for all-sky exposures to be made.

Colour or mono? Black and white cameras have the advantage of higher sensitivity and resolution than colour cameras. However, more effort is required to obtain a colour image. You also need colour filters and a filter wheel

Software and drivers are available for free download on the manufacturer's website:

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