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Astronomik Filters CLS Sony Alpha Clip filter

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Manufacturer: Astronomik

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Astronomik Filters CLS Sony Alpha Clip filter
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Product description:

Please note that this product desciption was translated by a computer. For more information please contact our english speaking customer service.

The CLS filter increases the contrast between astronomical objects and the sky background .

Due to the large half-width, a correspondingly large amount of light is passed, so stars are only slightly attenuated. The CLS filter is designed to block as much light as possible while still allowing as much light as possible to pass through the objects.

The useful scope of application extends to visual observation through an aperture ratio of f / 2 to f / 15 for telescopes from 2 "(50mm) aperture and for photography via lenses and telescopes of all diameters.

Compatibility: Clip filters for Sony Alpha can be used on models 7, 7r and 7s.

A small selection:

  • As a first filter we recommend the Astronomik CLS filter . This filter largely suppresses the artificial light pollution and the natural airglow. When using this filter, you have a dark background of the sky and can therefore expose you much longer and thus make weaker objects visible. The filter is optimized so that the objects are imaged in natural colors. Important: The simple CLS filter has no built-in IR blocking. Therefore you need the CLS-CCD filter for a converted camera ("astromodified")!
  • A good choice for working on sites with really strong light pollution is the astronomy UHC filter . The transmission curve of this filter allows only light from the lines H-Beta, OIII, H-Alpha and SII to pass. The suppression of the sky background is much stronger than with the CLS, but this filter works only at gas nebulae! Star clusters and galaxies are largely filtered off.
  • For a deeper introduction into astrophotography, we recommend the emission line filters OIII, H-alpha and SII available with half-widths of 6nm or 12nm. With these filters you can also make real deep shots of weak objects from locations with extreme light pollution and the full moon high in the sky. Recordings in these narrow lines are naturally not colored.
  • For the owners of rebuilt ("Astromodified") cameras, the Astronomik OWB filter offers: OWB stands for "Original White Balance". The filter corrects the shifted color reproduction of a converted camera so that you can use your camera again for normal everyday photography without having to rework any image on the computer.

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