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Carry case Padded Bag For Small Telescopes

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Product description

Fits to: refractors up to 90/900, Newtonians up to 130/900

For example:

  • Refractors: 70/900 EQ1, 80/900 EQ2 ,90/900 EQ2, 70/500 AZ2-3, 80/400 AZ3 ,90/900 AZ3,102/500 AZ3 ,120/600 AZ3
  • Newtonians: 76/900 EQ1 , 114/500 EQ1, 114/900 EQ1-2, 130/650 EQ2, 130/900 EQ2
  • Catadiopric: 90/1250 EQ1 , 102/1300 EQ2

or similar

A real "all in one" bag that makes you easy to carry your complete telescope.

Oklop telescope bags are designed and produced to exactly fit the size of the equipment and to provide safe transportation with the following advantages:

  • The bags for telescopes are balanced, which means that the holders are placed exactly according to the center of gravity.
  • The cylindrical shape protects all parts of the scope so the equipment doesn’t wobble while you carry it in your hand or on your shoulder.
  • The material that we use is a shiny polyester that gives both a fine touch and keeps the water away.
  • The inner silk covered foam rubber padding provides protection from the moderate blows, holds the shape of the bag and makes them light in weight.
  • The carabiners and rings are made from metal for long life.
  • The edges of the bags are bound with fabric to prevent fraying.
  • The bags are “easy to close” due to the spiral zipper.

Made in Europe



Suitable for

Special features

Shoulder belt


Bag for small Telescope
Overall size LxWxH (cm)
100 x 34 x 25
Weight (g)
Foam (mm)
Transport & storage
Oklop Carry case Padded Bag For Small Telescopes
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Customer reviews

Oclop Padded Bag

Review by gk7179 on 09.01.2019 10:34:11

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