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Star diagonal with 99% reflection, 2"

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Product description

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The 2“ Omegon star diagonal's mirror is coated with a very thin layer of vacuum deposited aluminium in order to guarantee a maximum reflection of 99% with the highest contrast and optimal sharpness. The residual stress in the plane mirror which can occur with the dielectric vapour deposition process is ruled out here.

Beside eyepieces, a star diagonal is one of the most important accessories. What is the use of a good objective or the best eyepiece if the star diagonal is inferior? We recommend the Omegon 2“ star diagonal without reservation to everyone, including those working with high end instruments. The star diagonal permits full illumination of 2” wide field eyepieces.

Included in delivery:

  • 2“ star diagonal with 99% reflection
  • reducing adapter, from 2“ to 1.25”



Connection (to the telescope)
Viewing posture
Coating of optical system
Surface reflection

Special features

Correction of vertically reversed image
Correction of horizontally reversed image
Ring clamp


Deviating optics
Type of build
Diagonal mirror
Omegon Star diagonal with 99% reflection, 2"
This star diagonal gives 99% reflection, and so provides a much brighter image than with an ordinary star diagonal.

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Review by M. T. on 24.05.2022 18:06:15

( 5 / 5 )

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