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erecting lens 1.5x, 1,25" for reflectors

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Product description

An upright and laterally-true image thanks to the erecting lens

As dusk falls, your telescope is set up and you're looking forward to observing the night sky. That's when it becomes all the more frustrating if you can't find certain objects. It is often difficult to orientate yourself in the night sky with a telescope, especially in the beginning. Not only do you see billions of stars and celestial bodies, but they are all upside down.

An erecting lens can solve the problem by providing an upright and laterally-true image. This means that you no longer have to rethink every step and can simply enjoy the view.

The highlights at a glance:

  • An upright, laterally-true image gives you more orientation in the night sky
  • Beginner-friendly erecting lens for reflectors (reflector telescopes)
  • 1.5X magnification
  • Suitable for daytime observation with astronomical telescopes

More orientation and greater success in observing

An erecting lens is a useful accessory and is particularly suitable for those starting out in recreational astronomy. Even if you get used to the reversal effect of the telescope, it is nevertheless advantageous for some observations if the image is laterally true. Finding new constellations by star hopping or targeting a specific detail on the lunar surface becomes so much easier.

The lens can be coupled with a 1.25'' eyepiece and increases magnification by a factor of 1.5. The lens is of course also great for observing landscapes and animals during daytime.

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Our expert comment:

This erecting lens is particularly suitable for entry level Newtonian telescopes. It is very inexpensive, but not ideal optically. Amici prisms are better suited for use with refractors and Schmidt-Cassegrains. For Newtonian telescopes, we recommend the very high quality Omegon erecting lens 1,25".

(Bernd Gährken)



Focal length (mm)
Magnification factor
Connection (to the telescope)

Special features

Correction of vertically reversed image
Correction of horizontally reversed image


Barlow & Erecting Lenses
Type of build
Erecting lens
Omegon erecting lens 1.5x, 1,25" for reflectors

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