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HR 2 coma corrector

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Product description

The Explore Scientific Coma corrector is in a class of its own: it is fully functional for visual use and only extends the focal length by 6%.

The Explore Scientific Coma corrector comes complete with a helical fine focuser - so you have a complete set: T2 adapter, M48 adapter and helical focuser for visual observations.

The coma corrector has a visual polystrehl value of 0.98 at f/4 and 0.96 at f/3! It can permanently stay in the telescope - making not only Jupiter but also its moons crystal clear.

  • The image diameter is 30mm - a larger diameter makes no sense for 2” and fast optics.
  • The corrector tube length is approx. 85mm.

To use the HR Coma corrector visually, there needs to be an adjustment range of 32mm on the focuser available when the focus is on the same level as the drawtube. This is not critical for photographic use - the HR Coma corrector places the focus around 35mm further out.

If the camera can be focused without a corrector, there will be no problem focusing it with the corrector.



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Coma corrector
Explore Scientific HR 2 coma corrector
Explore Scientific HR 2 coma corrector

Customer reviews


Review by M. G. on 26.07.2022 22:19:57

( 5 / 5 )

This corrector really does the job well. The optics quality is great and the stars are sharp from edge to edge with my F4 Newtonian. Observing with eyepieces is really good especially if they are parfocal. It's not very difficult to find the optimum focus for the corrector. I have it permanently fitted in my Newton and I don't even take it out. It makes my Newton a perfect telescope without any coma. When I saw Albireo through the corrector for the first time, I was shocked by the sharpness and clarity of the view - it was like there's no any optics at all! You can also attach any camera with 42mm or 48mm thread. You can even attach the ZWO ADC corrector using the 42mm thread. The corrector looks very large on the picture, however, it doesn't reach/obstruct the optical path of the telescope when inserted into the focuser and therefore it doesn't cast any shadow on the main mirror. This is a must have for any F4 Newtonian.

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