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TS Optics Focuser Crayford Schmidt Cassegrain excerpt 2 '' 1:10 Micrountersetzung

Product no.: 11264
Manufacturer: TS Optics

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Product description:

2" Schmidt Cassegrain Focuser with 1:10 micro transmission and 1.25" reducer

The problem:
Focusing a Schmidt-Cassegrain is sometimes a problem becaus of the mirror shifting thus making sharp astro photos or critical observation tricky.
The solution:
Our SC-Focuser solves this problem. Due to the Crayford friction principle, it is absolutely free from shifting and offers very good craftmanship. It supports accessories up to ca. 4 kg.

  • The 1:10 micro transmission: Precise focusing is essential for successful astro photography. One revolution of the micro focuser knob moves the drawtube by 1.4mm. A twist of 10° gives only 0.038mm travel - that's precise enough even for critical applications.
  • The 360° rotation: Orientate your star diagonal or camera without loosenig locking screws. Search for a guide star with an Off-Axis-Guider without touching the camera. Just turn the knurled knob on the telescope side of the focuser and you can rotate the whole focuser with its accessories.
  • The drawtube locking mechanism: It disengages the focusing mechanism and holds the drawtube in place firmly. This is essential for astro photography.
  • Travel: The focuser's travel is ca. 25mm - this is more than enough. Coarse focusing is done with the telescope's main mirror - fine tuning is performed afterwards with the TS Crayford.
  • 1.25" Reducer: A reducer from 2 to 1.25" with brass clamping ring and 2" filter thread is included.

TS Optics is a Telescopic Service trademark.

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