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Minox Binoculars HG 8x33 BR

Product no.: 8497
Manufacturer: Minox

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Minox Binoculars HG 8x33 BR
Minox Binoculars HG 8x33 BR
Product description
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Product description:

Only while stock lasts - these fantastic Minox HG binoculars are now available with up to 30% discount. Grab your own Minox HGs while you can!

Minox HG Line
Uncompromising quality. "Made in Germany"

Our German engineers designed High Grade Sport Optics aimed at the best possible performance in all areas. The optical system of the HG series providees a fascinatingly high light transmission, gaining top marks for brightness and contrast.

The advantages in a nutshell

  • MinoBright® prism coating and M* lens coating - less reflections and higher light transmission
  • special glass from SCHOTT - a leading international manufacturer of high-quality special glasses based in Mainz
  • wide field of view - new eyepieces with 15% wider field of view
  • ultralight thanks to the magnesium housing
  • quick close focusing - with only one rotation of the focus wheel, for quick focusing on nearby or distant objects
  • waterproof - argon gas filled to prevent internal fogging. Waterproof down to 5 meters.
  • estimate the distance - the focus wheel has a scale for estimating the distance of objects

Brilliant optical performance and bright images
The MinoBright® prism coating ensures high light transmission and consequently bright images for impressively good observing. The new coating makes use of silver and ensures the highest light reflection - a difference you will notice. With M* lens coating too, the optics provide unforgettable observing pleasure. With up to 21 layers applied to the glass surface, light transmission is further optimized. The result - a sharp image with optimal colour contrast.

Up to 15% wider field of view
The optimized and newly designed prisms and eyepieces offer hunters and nature-watchers up to a 15% wider field of view - depending on the APO/HG model.

Perfect for any trip -ultra-light magnesium housing
The best binoculars are always carried with you. Who knows what exciting thing to observe will pop up in the next moment? Your Minox HG binoculars will never weigh you down, their magnesium housing makes them a real lightweight. Their waisted shape and ergonomically designed body is also provided with grippy rubber armouring.

High-quality special glass from SCHOTT
It is clear that a pair of Minox binoculars from Germany equipped with lenses and glass from SCHOTT is a very powerful combination. The SCHOTT technology group has been producing special glasses and materials for the glass industry for more than 125 years, so it is no surprise that SCHOTT also supplies mirrors for the world's largest telescopes.

Quick close-focusing
Wanting to quickly change between observing something that is nearby to something in the distance is a common situation. Rapid close-focusing means that this is now very straightforward. Just one turn of the focusing wheel allows you to change focus between something really near to you and something in the far distance - so you won't miss anything in future.

Distance scale - or easily estimating distance
How far away is that tree or the deer? It is not always easy to estimate distances - you are often wrong. This is now much easier with the distance scale provided for estimating how far away something is. A quick glance at the focus wheel is sufficient to let you know the rough distance to the object you are observing.

Waterproof down to 5 metres
Minox HG binoculars are robust and are waterproof down to a depth of 5 meters. That means that, whether in the rain or near a river - your binoculars are always perfectly protected. The inert argon gas filling prevents the optics inside the binoculars from fogging up. Its larger molecules let argon (Ar) last longer than the conventionally used nitrogen (N2). It also prevents internal corrosion, as it does not react with the other materials.

Made in Germany
Quality 'Made in Germany' and the values ​​of traditional German engineering enjoy special esteem worldwide. Sound values ​​such as quality and precision in the development and manufacture of binoculars embody the philosophy of the MINOX brand. So the manufacture our 'reference class' HG binoculars at our factory in Wetzlar is carried out with the greatest of care - to ensure their reliability and in order to meet the high demands of our customers.

This photo of an APO HG 10x43 gives you a good view of the distance estimation scale.

It comes with a robust carrying case, lens cap, eyepiece cap and shoulder strap.

Suitable eyecups for spectacle-wearers, can be screwed in and out.

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