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Omegon Monocular Mini Monostar 8x20

Product no.: 18765
Manufacturer: Omegon

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Omegon Monocular Mini Monostar 8x20
Omegon Monocular Mini Monostar 8x20
Omegon Monocular Mini Monostar 8x20
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Manufacturer's product description:

Omegon 8x20 Mini Monocular - The pocket mini-optic

Our monocular 'mini-telescope' is an indispensable companion if you need something that you will be able to get at and use quickly. Are you are a rambler, hunter or birdwatcher, but don't want the weight of binoculars hanging around your neck all the time, or when in the city or at work? Perhaps an unknown bird lands suddenly nearby, or the next signpost on your walk is 100 metres away uphill on a mountain and you do not want to have to climb up to read it?
None of this is problem! You can easily carry the Omegon Mini in your shirt pocket, without it being too bulky or otherwise restricting you, and still be able to quickly identify the bird or read the sign. With its 20mm diameter objective, the multi-coated optics still collect enough light during the day to be of real benefit.

The all-round monocular excels with its extremely low weight (70 g) and high-quality workmanship. The housing is made from aluminium-zinc alloy and has an impressive high quality silver metallic finish.

With an objective diameter of 20mm, the optics collect eight times more light than the human eye (for a 7mm dilated pupil). The lenses are also multi-coated, reducing reflections to a minimum.
The possible uses for this practical little monocular are diverse: It is ideally suited to trips to the theatre, opera or concert. With its low weight and compactness, it is also an inconspicuous and handy companion on journeys and excursions.

The Mini Monocular is not a toy but a fully functional optical instrument which is easy to use and always ready at hand, even if it does not quite give the enjoyment that large binoculars provide.

The advantages in a nutshell:

  • light and compact
  • stylish design
  • inconspicuous, space for it in any jacket pocket
  • multi-coated optics
  • 2.5 metres close focus distance

Our expert comment:

An extremely useful accessory which you should always have with you. An indispensable companion when it comes to rapid availability and deployment.

(Elmar Kreihe)

The binoculars come supplied with a carrying case.

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