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( 4.29 / 5 )
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Telescope N 150/750 EQ-3

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Product description

This telescope is also available, together with accessories, in a beginners set.

The Omegon 150/750 EQ-3 Newtonian Reflector is an ideal telescope for beginners in astronomy. This telescope features good optics and a very stable mount.

The optics of the 150/750:

A 'fast' aperture ratio of 1:5 makes this a telescope with a lot of light gathering power, which can already show a lot of detail in objects observed. The light gathering ability of the human eye is exceeded here by a factor of around 600. Globular clusters, such as M13 or M92, can be resolved right down to their centres. Many galaxies can be observed. Gaseous nebulae, such as the Omega or Orion nebula, show filaments and become magnificent summer and winter sky objects with this telescope.

Also, the planets reveal some of their secrets. For example, you can observe and follow the cloud bands of Jupiter which carry the Great Red Spot over the planet. The shadows cast by the larger moons of Jupiter are also visible with a 150mm aperture.

You can even start astrophotography and take your first photos - of the moon for example.

If you are looking for a fast, but nevertheless very compact telescope, then this size of telescope is exactly right.

The advantages in a nutshell:

  • high resolution with the 150mm aperture
  • 1.25" focuser with large range of focus
  • simply location of objects
  • adjustment screws for secondary and main mirrors
  • compact 66cm length
  • outside tube diameter 185mm

The following is included in delivery:

  • 25mm ploessl eyepiece giving 30X magnification
  • 6.5mm ploessl eyepiece giving 115X magnification
  • Red Dot finder scope for easy location of celestial objects
  • 2x Barlow lens for doubling the eyepiece magnification

The EQ-3: This equatorial mount provides the opportunity to precisely align scopes with Polaris. The correct pole height or geographical latitude can be set for each observation site. Thanks to fine movements along the right ascension and declination axes, objects can be precisely located, followed and kept within the visual field. A counterweight precisely balances the telescope.
The EQ-3 mount provides a solid base for most smaller and medium-sized scopes and is very well suited to spacewalks through the night sky. The tripod is extendible and a shelf provides space for eyepieces and other accessories.

It not only matters which telescope you buy but also where you buy it. Our additional services:

  • We are a leading telescope dealer and know the devices we sell. Our customer service team will gladly help you after your purchase if you have problems with assembly or operation.
  • We provide a copy of the 80-page Telescope ABC beginners handbook with every telescope.
  • We also provide an edition of the exciting astronomy magazine, “Sterne und Weltraum” with each telescope.

Our expert comment:

The Omegon 150/750 EQ-3 lets you get successfully started in astronomy. But if you want to invest in something with a little more build quality and features, we recommend taking a look at the new Omegon 150/750 EQ-4 telescope. This instrument has the same OTA, but comes equipped with the more stable EQ-4 mount. This version also already has a polar finder for locating the celestial pole.

Or do you want something of even higher quality? Or would you like a telescope of similar aperture that can be retrofitted with computer control later? The Skywatcher N 150/750 Explorer BD NEQ-3 telescope provides superb equipment which is unique in this class.

The Skywatcher N 200/1000 BlackDiamond NEQ-5 telescope is the flagship among beginner's Newtonian telescopes. It is a real 'light giant', which can be highly recommended to all deep sky observers.

(Dominik Schwarz)

What distinguishes a telescope otherwise?

Unlike many other comparable inexpensive compact design reflecting telescopes, this model comes without a built-in Barlow lens. Such lenses mean extremely reduced image quality.

The Omegon 150/750mm telescope is therefore also suitable for high-contrast planetary observing. Also, adjustment of this telescope is straightforward - even for beginners.

Do you want your Omegon 150/750 EQ-3 telescope to be motor driven?

The appropriate motor set, plus control box, can be found here.

(Marcus Schenk)

Tip: Our buying guide The powerful six-inch range contains a comprehensive overview of 150mm aperture telescopes.



Type of build
Aperture (mm)
Focal length (mm)
Aperture ratio (f/)
Resolving capacity
Limit value (mag)
Light gathering capacity
Max. useful magnification
Tube construction
Full tube


Type of build
Gear rack
Connection ( to eyepiece)


Mounting type
Type of build
GoTo control



Included accessories

1.25'' eyepieces
PL 25mm, PL 6,5mm
Finder scope
Red dot finder
Barlow Lens


Special recommendation

Area of application

Moon & Planets
Nebulae & galaxies
Nature Observation
not recommended
not recommended (Only with appropriate Sun filter)

Recommended for


Recommended accessories

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Oklop Carry case Padded bag for 150/750 Newtonians

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Omegon Easypic Universal Smartphone Adapter

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Mountings & accessories (2)

Omegon Tracking motor for 150/750 EQ-3 mount

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Omegon Tent observatory

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John Wiley & Sons Astronomy For Dummies

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Explore Scientific Astronomy torch Astro R-Lite

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Omegon Filters Variable grey filter 1.25"

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Globes & Maps (1)
Continental map

Oculum Verlag Sky Quality Map Europe

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Maintenance & Cleaning > Lens cleaners (3)

Omegon 7-in-1 lens cleaning set

$ 19.90*
Maintenance & Cleaning > Other (2)

Omegon microfibre cleaning cloth 20cm x 20cm

$ 4.90*

*All prices include VAT plus shipping costs.

Omegon Telescope N 150/750 EQ-3

The telescope can be adjusted correctly for anyone's height, to suit the level of a child's eyes or an adult's.

Omegon Telescope N 150/750 EQ-3

The EQ-3 mount is so designed that one can easily compensate for the rotation of the Earth while observing.

Customer reviews

Geweldige service, uitstekende telescoop

Review by S. Q. on 07.10.2022 12:28:52

( 5 / 5 )

Tijdens het transport was een lens losgekomen. Contact opgenomen met de klantenservice en binnen 5 minuten al reactie. Ze hebben direct gratis een nieuwe buis verzonden!
Dit is mijn eerste telescoop en ik was verrast hoe makkelijk het te bedienen is. De eerste keer al Jupiter en zijn 4 manen gezien. Ook de ring van Saturnus. Het volgen van planeten gaat ook soepel. Het scherpstellen gaat goed. Foto's worden niet aanbevolen, heb met enige moeite toch al een scherpe foto van de maan kunnen nemen zonder extra accessoires.
Het statief is het enige minpunt. Tijdens het draaien gaat het steeds wat losser zitten, waardoor de telescoop na een tijd vrij beweegt. Regelmatig opnieuw aanspannen is dus nodig.

Service client au top !!!!

Review by C. A. on 22.07.2020 10:42:07

( 5 / 5 )

Après avoir reçu le télescope avec un défaut ne permettant pas le montage et ni l'utilisation de celui ci, le service client a été très réactif !!!
Après l'envoi de la photo du défaut, ils m'ont renvoyé une nouvelle pièce très très rapidement !!!
Je les remercie infiniment. J'avais peur que nos nuits d'été soient gâchées !!

Le télescope enfin monté, équilibré, etc..., nous avons pu faire nos premières observations mais y'a encore du taf ! N'hésitez pas à visionner des tutos sur YouTube ! Le montage a été assez simple. Prévoir d'être 2 au cas où, car certaines pièces peuvent être lourdes et j'avais peur de les faire tomber en les assemblant.

Nous verrons avec le temps, ce que ce télescope nous réserve. Pour des débutants, je pense, c'est suffisant !

Really good telescope

Review by B.K. Astronomy on 21.07.2019 02:12:22

( 5 / 5 )


Quality of Service

Review by raone71 on 02.02.2016 13:56:31

( 5 / 5 )

Recently received the telescope as a Christmas present, unfortunately it arrived with a dent in the optical tube. Do not despair, customer service to the rescue... Long story short, customer service helped and provide full assistance. Service is 5 stars, e-mail is a bit impersonal but the the results speak for themselves. If you are looking for a reliable shop, Omegon is the answer. As for the telescope for amateur or beginner observer excellent choice. highly recommended.

Amazing telescope

Review by T. B. on 09.12.2021 09:19:14

( 4 / 5 )

It is my first good telescope that isn't from the grocery store and the view that i got from planets is stunning
I could see the rings of Saturn with full detail and Jupiter and its moons!

Great view
Stable focuser knob
Lenses that come with it are pretty great

Tripod is not really stable
The tray on the tripod is blocked by the arms holding it
The 2X barlow lens that comes with it has a lot of chromatic aberation

Pretty Good

Review by Benzhington on 24.09.2017 19:27:36

( 4 / 5 )

I got this telescope as a birthday present and I love it. As of writing this it is my only telescope and I often just bring it outside on to the porch and just sweep the night sky. I'll just list the pros and cons:

-Telescope is high quality and as long as it is collimated, it makes for a beautiful view of the sky.
-Tripod is lightweight and easily transportable

-Tripod wiggles a lot and isn't that stable
-Setting circles on mount slide so you have to calibrate it every time
-Altitude setting is very hard to get just right and you have to account for weight of telescope
-Setting circles are very hard to get just right

So there are a lot more cons than pros and I'd recommend a telescope with GoTo but this still makes a good beginner telescope.

P.s. Nebulae and galaxies don't look like they do on pictures. They're grey and you need colour filters and a GoTo mount to get pictures like those.


Review by Benzhington on 04.02.2018 20:09:31

( 2 / 5 )

If you haven't read my previous review, I suggest you read that first.

Although the telescope is amazing, the mount/tripod is absolute garbage. Everything from before still applies but after a few months with it a few more issues have come up:

-The azimuth screw comes undone when the telescope is moved.
-The RA axis occasionally locks and needs a push, often undoing everything you've done to align it.
-The RA fine-adjust occasionally doesn't work.
-The RA axis... I can't describe this. It shifts, it goes off axis. If I could put a picture of it in here I would but I can't.

The telescope is amazing but the mount is garbage. I only use the finder (which works well if it's calibrated) which can only find objects visible to the naked eye. Even with this, you can see some amazing things (Orion Nebula, the Pleiades, the Andromeda Galaxy if you have very dark skies).

Although we've had some good times together, I wouldn't recommend it. I recommend just spending 10 EUR more on a Celestron Telescope N 130/650 Astromaster EQ-MD (but it has a smaller aperture) or even better
an extra 200+ EUR for a GoTo mount with a similar telescope.

P.s. If you're anywhere even remotely near a city, I would recommend a city light filter (E.g. Omegon Nebula/ city light filter 1.25 ''). They get rid of most light pollution and increase contrast, otherwise, everything you see will be a disgusting shade of orange.

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