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ZEISS Spotting scope Victory Harpia 23-70x95 Set

Product no.: 55279
Manufacturer: ZEISS

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ZEISS Spotting scope Victory Harpia 23-70x95 Set
ZEISS Spotting scope Victory Harpia 23-70x95 Set
ZEISS Spotting scope Victory Harpia 23-70x95 Set
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Product description:

The highest performance spotting scope from ZEISS.
Victory Harpia

Observing nature and bird watching reaches a new level with the ZEISS Victory Harpia. This spotting scope combines a revolutionary new optical system with a 3-stage wide angle zoom providing a constant field of view over its entire magnification period. The combination of an up to 70x magnification with the choice of either 85 or 95mm objective lenses delivers easy and unobstructed views into open space. The ZEISS DualSpeed Focus facilitates quick, exact focusing, even at high magnification.

The advantages in a nutshell

  • Compact high performance eyepiece
    Comfortable viewing due to the slim shape. Safely lockable with bayonet catch.
  • Elaborate lens system
    FL glass and other custom glass ensure an absolutely sharp and colour fidelity image even at maximum magnification.
  • ComfortVision Concept
    Subjective 72° angle of vision over the entire zoom range for a noticeably greater overview of the terrain.
  • DualSpeed focus
    Precise focussing with automatic switching between rapid and fine adjustment.

The harpy eagle – providing inspiration for naming ZEISS’ powerful spotting scope

The harpy eagle (Latin Harpia harpyja) is one of the largest and most majestic birds of prey in the world and inhabits parts of Central and South America. It has a maximum wingspan of 2.0m and weighs up to 9.0kg. The harpy eagle is probably the physically strongest bird of prey in the world and specialises in hunting in forests. With a powerful torso, broad and short wings and a long tail, this unusual aerial hunter is flexible enough to successfully hunt sloths and monkeys in subtropical and tropical forests despite its size. Due to the large territories these birds claim, they have a very low population density. This makes harpies birds of prey which are difficult to find and an ornithological highlight for every trip to Central and South America.

The increasing destruction of their habitat and their hunting are the largest threats to this special and unique bird of prey. Due to low reproduction rates, the harpy population can only counteract the losses over and above their normal death rate with difficulty and over a long time. As the inspiration of the name of their newest spotting scope, ZEISS wants not only to draw on parallels with one of the most impressive birds of prey in the world, but also to draw attention to this unique bird of prey and, resultantly, do their part to allow future generations of bird and nature watchers to enjoy the sight of this bird of prey.

DualSpeed Focus: precise focusing with automatic switching between fast and fine adjustment.

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