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Buying guide

Binoculars finder

Our buying guide: individual pairs of binoculars and complete packages, in different price ranges and for different applications.

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On the following pages, we have put together a selection of binoculars in all price categories that we particularly recommend, and we also indicate for which groups of users the products are best suited.

What’s more: all of these binoculars are also available as part of a complete package, so you save money whilst also having the certainty that absolutely everything you need to get started is included. This may include a microfibre cleaning cloth, an informative book on the technology and applications of binoculars, or a tripod.

Omegon Blackstar 10x42 binoculars

Very good all-round binoculars that offer extremely good value for money. Whether for bird and nature watching or when on the move either travelling or hiking - observing with these binoculars is a pleasure for everyone who uses them.

This set contains the following products:

Omegon Hunter 8x56 binoculars

Reasonably-priced, but really surprisingly good hunting binoculars. High-quality workmanship, convincing ergonomically and above all in their optical properties, these are a joy for every hunter and nature watcher.

This set contains the following products:

Omegon Seastar 7x50 binoculars with analogue compass

Innovative marine binoculars with built-in reticle and analogue compass, these are the reliable companion for every sailing trip. On offer at an excellent price.

This set contains the following products:

Omegon Nightstar 20x80 binoculars

Classic astronomy binoculars with high magnification and high light-gathering power. Ideally used with a tripod, on clear nights they will reveal to the user the overwhelming splendour of the stars and other objects in the night sky.

This set contains the following products:

Omegon Nightstar 25x100 binoculars with case

Very large, high-quality binoculars for astronomical observation of the night sky. With 2x 100mm aperture, an extremely large amount of light is gathered, which allows the observer to see many more stars than with the naked eye or with smaller binoculars. Can only be used with a tripod.

This set contains the following products: