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B-380 Series

Revolutionary - Reliable

Educational and laboratory microscope for routine applications. Dye-cast frame, with high stability and ergonomy, for transmitted light observation.

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Products 1 - 9 of 14
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Easily accessible controls, including the stage drive, fine focus and brightness control combined with Optika’s revulotionary ALC system grants maximum comfort and relaxed working conditions.

Optical system & objectives
The models of the B-380 series are equipped, depending on the various models, with two different types of optical system: the standard 160mm one and the infinity corrected system (IOS). In both cases the field diameter of the eyepieces is 20mm.
Microscope stand
Modern and ergonomic, this stand is made of die-cast aluminium. Coarse and fine focusing (graduation: 0.002mm) with coaxial control knobs. Adjustable focusing tension and limit stop.
Available in binocular or trinocular version. The heads are equipped with interpupillary distance control (55-75 mm) as well as with dioptric compensation. All heads are 30° inclined.
The illuminating system consists of X-LED3 source. The brightness can be adjusted by a rheostat located on the left side of the microscope base.

ALC - Automatic light control
The level of light is adjusted by the microscope in order to maintain the same level as the one the user has chosen, no matter if the aperture of the diaphragm changes, another objective is inserted, opacity of the sample changes, etc.

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