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All the experience gathered by OPTIKA microscopes in the field of optical microscopy has been incorporated into this series, which has been especially adapted to common laboratory applications. Suitable for routine microscopy with light field, dark field (oil and dry), phase contrast, fluorescence and polarized light, extremely stable on the laboratory bench, and durable.

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Great pictures from an impressive optic

Binocular and trinocular heads with 20mm field of view

True infinity optical system available (IOS)

Full condenser centering for precise light control

Laboratory-quality optic

IOS N-PLAN objectives, high numerical apertures

Plan achromatic optic with more than 90% planar field of view

Significant optical correction, low field curvature and distortion



Produce bright images, improved colour fidelity, pure white colour temperature, incredibly low power consumption and longer life with the unique X-LED technology that is able to double the light intensity to achieve unrivalled performance. Save money and energy thanks to the incredibly low energy consumption, which allows you to reduce your electricity costs by 90%.

Constant pure white colour temperature (6,300K)

Low power consumption, just 3.6 W

Long LED life (65,000 hours = 25 years at 8 hours/day usage)

ALC – automatic light control

ALC – automatic light control

Unparalled comfort with the exclusive automatic light control (ALC). Automatic light intensity control. Seamless operation with instant brightness adjustment, which is automatically dealt with for you by the microscope. Regardless of whether the aperture changes, another objective is used, or the turbidity of the sample is different... the microscope adjusts the light for you according to your needs.

For B-382PL-ALC, B-382PLi-ALC, B-382PH-ALC and B-382PHi-ALC



Safe and comfortable operation

The rackless stage is designed with a belt-driven mechanism that allows smooth movement without protruding parts. This design offers you a more compact solution and reduces the risk of injury through accidentally knocking the stage with the hands.

Ergonomic arrangement of the main controls

Durable mechanical parts

Maintenance-free lighting system

Light and stable

Light and stable

Improve productivity, reduce fatigue

Increases work accuracy and quality

Easy to carry, with a comfortable grip