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Euro EMC S130 Glossar

The Euro EMC S130 tri-pier can be precisely and stably positioned, without any construction measures: you do not need to set the tripod in concrete. This is made possible thanks to the stable foot and the special floor fixing.

The S130 tri-pier carries astronomical equipment weighing up to 40 kilograms with a high torsional stiffness and is largely vibration-free.

The system consists of three components: the foot element, the pier, and the appropriate mount adapter. Additionally, there are also various optional accessories. Individual adapter solutions or special pier lengths can be custom-made at any time on request.

The S130 tri-pier is even suitable for mobile use!

Made in Germany!

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Products 1 - 12 of 43
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Mobile use

Mobile use

When fitted with wheels, the S130 tri-pier is also movable. This is possible because the pier construction is not solid, but rigid. The moderate weight makes it really easy to handle.

One advantage when using the mobile S130 compared to a classic tripod is that pretty much everything needed for observation can remain in place. The telescope does not have to be set up and balanced with the counterweight. There is even place for the power supply in the base of the pier. So you are ready to observe in the shortest possible time!

System overview

System overview

Here you can find a PDF with an overview of the complete S130 tri-pier system.

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