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AGM Global Vision is from Arizona, USA. The team surrounding the founders Allen Harding and Gary and Mark Tarakanov design and develop high-quality night vision technology for hobby and professional users. These include night vision and thermal imaging devices, clip-on systems, but also infrared illuminators and much more besides.
AGM Global Vision is committed to nothing less than the very latest technology, coupled with the most robust materials and the highest precision.

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Functions and technologies

AGM Globalvision night vision devices incorporate a variety of high-quality, precise optoelectronic instruments, all of which include the following:

  • An innovative design that is suitable for any night-time operation and which allows exceptional visibility and adaptability for a wide variety of users.
  • High-quality lens materials and an ergonomic, durable construction for greater reliability
  • A wide range of included and optional accessories such as removable, extra-long-range infrared illumination, advanced distance measurement, improved carrying and storage cases and much more besides

Even in very dark environments, there are small amounts of ambient light. This light may be visible, but some types of infrared light are not visible to the human eye. The AGM night vision goggles use advanced image enhancement technologies and innovative construction materials to collect all available light in a specific range (including infrared light), then amplify and convert that into an image, in order to make the invisible visible.

All AGM night vision devices have been designed for the U.S. military and law enforcement agencies, so professional customers can be assured that they are using premium devices to detect targets, locate people in hiding, explore unknown terrain, and perform surveillance. Of course, the devices are also perfect for hunting at night, or watching and stalking game.