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Celestron Off-Axis-Guider Deluxe

Product no.: 33504
Manufacturer: Celestron

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Product description:

This off-axis guider enables high tracking accuracy with long focal length telescopes.

A prism is employed to deflect a small part of the light from the focal plane of the telescope (and outside the main camera's field of view) enabling you to track via a guide star. Each movement of the guide star is then exactly the same as the movement seen by the main camera. So, for example, tracking errors can be compensated for by the autoguider without being disturbed by additional sources of error such as sagging or warping of the guide scope tube. The result is pin-sharp stars.

Celestron's off-axis guider features:

  • multi-coated 12.5mm prism with aluminium-coated back for maximum reflection and a bright image for the autoguider
  • helical focuser with fixed orientation for simple, accurate and precise focusing of the autoguider
  • 48mm of clear aperture, allowing the use of full-frame cameras without any vignetting
  • adapter for correct spacing of SLR , Nightscape CCD cameras and other typical cameras used for astrophotography
  • ideal for Schmidt- Cassegrain and EdgeHD telescopes

Delivery includes all the necessary adapters and spacers for most configurations, including DSLR cameras, Nightscape CCD cameras and others. The following adapters are included: SCT/EdgeHD, M48(female), T2(female), M48(male), T2(male) and 3 spacers with T2 threads.

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