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Omegon 6x30 finder scope, black

Product no.: 48374
Manufacturer: Omegon

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360 degree Omegon 6x30 finder scope, black
Omegon 6x30 finder scope, black
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Product description:

The optics are the key - 18 times better than your eye alone

You cannot see most astronomical objects with just your naked eye. Looking through the finder scope provides 18X more light, letting you see a much larger number of objects. The 6x30 finder scope has 30mm aperture lens and provides 6X magnification. So it's a real small telescope with big advantages.

Wide field of view with crosshairs

The Omegon finder scope has a wide field of view to make locating objects easier. Imagine you have an object approximately located, but not exactly positioned. The wide field of view allows you to already see the object at the edge of the field of view. Now you the built-in crosshairs come into play. You simply align the object in the centre with the crosshairs and the object will be located precisely in the main telescope's field of view.

Screws for easy adjustment

In order for your small finder scope finds to locate what you are looking for, it has three small handy adjustment screws. These allow alignment with the main instrument to be carried out in just a few minutes.

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