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Omegon LED red dot finder

Product no.: 47014
Manufacturer: Omegon

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Omegon LED red dot finder
Omegon LED red dot finder
Omegon LED red dot finder
Omegon LED red dot finder
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Manufacturer's product description:

Omegon LED finder - lets you find astronomical objects more easily

Whether it's the Moon, a planet or a distant galaxy, locating objects in the night sky is sometimes not so easy - especially for beginners. Omegon's red dot finder makes this significantly easier. Simply replace your inferior finder scope. Stop looking and start finding!

The advantages in a nutshell:

  • plastic LED finder
  • projection onto a screen for a clearer view
  • suitable for Skywatcher / Celestron / Vixen / GP finder shoes
  • dimmable - set the brightness to exactly what you need
  • easy to install - fits on any telescope

Why it allows beginners find the objects more easily
With the red dot finder, locating objects is a breeze. In optical finders, everything is usually upside down and you have to think carefully how to find the

objects. An LED finder lets you stay oriented in the sky.

The reasons it is better:

  • it has a projection screen but no optics.
  • you see the sky as it actually is.
  • very easy to start looking for astronomical objects.

Red dot - dimmable

A rotary switch activates and adjusts the level of illumination so it is just the right brightness for you. You will see a red dot on the projection screen which, when you look at the night sky, looks as if it is floating in it. It is also positioned directly where your telescope is pointing.

The Omegon LED finder! - makes it easy to search for, locate and successfully observe objects.

Our expert comment:

Amateur astronomer Martin Brückner has tested five well-known red-dot finders at the public observatory in Munich. He compared the Baader Skysurfer III (old version), Baader Skysurfer III (new version), Omegon LED finder and TeleVue Quickpoint Basic.

The Omegon LED finder was a clear winner.

Test Conclusion:

"Although the Omegon has a smaller free field of view, its workmanship and fittings are the same as for the Skysurfer, and at about half the price. A clear favourite! "

(Martin Brückner, 2017,

A rotary knob lets you turn on the red dot and adjust it to the desired brightness

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