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Skywatcher Apochromatic refractor AP 66/400 Equinox ED

Product no.: 5896
Manufacturer: Skywatcher

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Skywatcher Apochromatic refractor AP 66/400 Equinox ED
Skywatcher Apochromatic refractor AP 66/400 Equinox ED
Skywatcher Apochromatic refractor AP 66/400 Equinox ED
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Product description:

Skywatcher Equinox ED APO 66 - with 66mm aperture and 400m focal length

Skywatcher Equinox instruments have especially high quality optics. Special importance has been given to the quality of the optics and mechanics.

Equinox ED APO 66 telescopes are equipped with very high quality objective lenses which include an ED glass element (FPL-51 for Equinox 60 and FPL-53 for Equinox 80). This combination ensures a very high-contrast, virtually chromatic aberration-free image. The lenses are multi-coated for a bright and reflection-free image. Even at very high magnifications, the image remains full of contrast and does not soften. The maximum magnification limit for this size of telescope would normally be about 135X but, in contrast to most other optics, even higher magnifications can be used.

The 1.25" focuser is a Crayford style unit which even has a 1:10 reduction ratio, allowing incredibly precise focusing - very important at higher magnifications for example. When you first examine this telescope you will appreciate its high quality - for example that the focuser is very well made and does not have several millimetres of play, as is typical with cheaper rack-and-pinion focusers. The Equinox 66 is also provided with an SC-thread for attaching a range of accessories.

Uncomfortable observing positions are a thing of the past with this instrument as the focuser can be rotated through 360°, letting you always find the most comfortable viewing angle.

The Equinox is ideal as a travel 'scope or a second telescope, with the retractable dew shield making it only 30cm long at its shortest - allowing it to easily fit in any luggage.

It will also provide beautiful views of nature, mountains and forests when used as a terrestrial telescope during the day.

And using it as an astronomical telescope for observing the night sky will give you breathtaking high-contrast images of the Moon and planets. Brighter DSOs, such as the Andromeda Galaxy or the Orion Nebula, are also well worth observing.

A particular advantage of this instrument is that it can be used for photography, and not only for wildlife photography but also for astrophotography. The advantage of having a 1:10 reduction ratio here comes into play once again, as for photography you need the focuser fine adjustment for obtaining a really sharp image.

You will find always be able to go back to the optimum focus setting again by using the fine distance scale on the focuser.

The Equinox fits on any camera tripod and its light weight also means that it is not prone to any vibration problems.

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