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Paton Hawksley Spectroscope Star Analyser 200

Product no.: 44255
Manufacturer: Paton Hawksley

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Product description:

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The Star Analyser is a diffraction grating, which produces a stellar spectrum easily from the light passing through. Therefore only as a filter in the 1.25 "socket of the eyepiece or camera Star Analyser has to be easily used. This works via the usual filter thread - It's that easy!

Since its introduction in 2005, the Star Analyser has introduced 100 thousands of amateur astronomers in the fascinating field of spectroscopy. During this period, the equipment used by amateurs have evolved: greater opening of the telescopes, larger camera sensors and filter wheels with short optical length. Therefore, a new model of the Star Analyser, the Star Analyser 200 was developed. He has the same blazed diffraction grating technology as the Star Analyser 100, but with double the line density. The Star Analyser 200 is designed for users who have difficulty to reach for the Star Analyser 100 optimal path. The Star Analyser 200 produced the same length of the spectrum, but requires only half the distance towards the Star Analyser 100th

Feature of Star Analyser 200-F:

  • Low profile: 7.7mm including thread, therefore also suitable in narrow filter wheels. By comparison, the Star Analyser 100 has 11,2mm. However, by this low height is omitted, unlike the Star Analyser 100 additional filter thread in the housing for additional accessories.
  • High efficiency blazed grating with 200 lines per millimeter
  • For ease of use, the direction of the spectrum is marked on the filter ring
  • Optimized for large openings, long lenses and large sensors
  • Star and spectrum be included in an image, which is helpful in the calibration

For most users, the Star Analyser 100 remains the model of choice, especially for those who use the cameras with small sensors and screw the Star Analyser directly into the filter thread of the camera eyepiece tubes.

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