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Paton Hawksley Hand spectroscope

Product no.: 44959
Manufacturer: Paton Hawksley

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Paton Hawksley Hand spectroscope
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Product description:

This transmitted light spectroscope consists of a tube with a precision entrance slit and a 600 lines per millimetre grating. You simply point it at light sources of interest - e.g., the sky (to see the solar spectrum with its Fraunhofer absorption lines), flames for chemical analysis, liquids for their absorption spectra, the bright lines of discharge tubes or lamps, etc.

The handheld spectroscope is ideal for demonstrating the principle of spectroscopy in a fun way - in the classroom or at scientific public relation events. This spectroscope has been designed to be tough enough to withstand years of use in the hands of children. The robust storage box ensures a long working life.

The spectrum of an energy-saving lamp. The image was taken using a simple digital camera, which was manually held behind a pocket spectroscope

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