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Telescope N 114/450 eQuinox 2

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Product description

Unistellar eQuinox 2 - Smart Telescope for light polluted cities

Discover the universe with the eQuinox 2 Smart telescope. Unistellar’s state-of-the-art technology allows you to observe galaxies and nebulae in full colour from even the most urban areas.
Enjoy the click-and-wow telescope that is ready to explore space in just two minutes: In a minute, the eQuinox 2 is unpacked and at work, and a minute later you are observing galaxie in full color and detail.
Thanks to Unistellar's partnerships with renowned scientific organizations, like the SETI Institute, as well as NASA, the eQuinox 2 will also allow you to become a citizen astronomer.

Smart Light Pollution Reduction
Makes discovering the Universe accessible even in heavily light-polluted cities.

Enhanced Vision
Reveals the stunning colors of Jupiter’s great red spot in real time, the beautiful pink and purple colors of the Orion Nebula, our nearest stellar nursery, and the Whirlpool Galaxy colliding with a smaller nearby galaxy.

Autonomous Field Detection
Allows you to quickly and accurately discover comet Neowise’s tail, the rings of Saturn, and the vivid colors of the Dumbbell nebula from anywhere.

Smart Telescope
Turn your smartphone into a space control station, with a 100% app-controlled telescope.

Citizen Science
Helps you contribute to real space science findings, from asteroid Apophis and exoplanets to NASA missions, turning you into a citizen astronomer.

Optical equipments
The combination of a mirror of 114mm and a focal of 450mm makes the telescope fast and versatile to observe nebulae, galaxies and planets. The field of view is 34 x 47 arcmin, enough to observe the full moon.

Even City-Dwellers Can Enjoy the Universe
The eQuinox 2 is an unprecedented package of advanced technologies and amazing designs that make space accessible even in light-polluted cities. Thanks to its Smart Light Pollution Reduction technology, relying on Unistellar’s in-house state-of-the-art image processing to filter autonomously the impact of city lights, the eQuinox 2 provides unprecedented high-resolution images even from downtown, revealing the vibrant blue and red colors of the Ring Nebula.

Reveal the hidden colors and details of galaxies and nebulae, live
Unistellar’s enhanced vision technology provides a unique experience, stacking and live treating the images observed by the telescope to reveal the wonders of outer space. With eQuinox 2, you can now experience the wonders of the universe by diving into the striking colors of the Dumbbell Nebula or the Cigar galaxy, 11.4 million light years away.

Enjoy observing the wonders of our solar system planets
Fast, simple and precise enough to clearly observe the solar system planets such as Mars, the red planet, the eQuinox 2 benefits from a uniquely smart optical design. Benefiting from Unistellar's enhanced vision technology, adapted for planetary observation, users can now easily observe Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars. Within a few seconds, reveal the great red spot of Jupiter and its colored bands. The eQuinox 2 continuously catches images of the planet, selects the best ones and combines them to increase contrast and colors.

Smart and Connected
Turn your smartphone or your tablet into a space control station. Thanks to the Unistellar app, you are one click away from choosing and observing Jupiter or the Hercules globular cluster. The eQuinox 2’s catalog of more than 5,000 objects will provide you with detailed information for each of your targets.
Outer space is no longer restricted to those able to dedicate the countless hours it takes to master complex set-ups with multiple instruments.
Enjoy the click-and-wow telescope that is ready to explore space in just 2 minutes. In just one minute, the eQuinox 2 is unpacked and at work, and a minute later you are observing the Whirlpool galaxy in full color and detail.
Even when only a few stars are visible, the eQuinox 2’s Autonomous Field Detection technology is able to orient itself automatically in the sky within just a few seconds, after locating itself on Earth thanks to your smartphone’s GPS. The eQuinox 2 contains its own database of 37 million stars: At night, even when the human eye cannot distinguish stars, the smart telescope is able to spot them and, through Autonomous Field Detection, compare their positions to its database to get a clear and automated understanding of where it is pointing.

Become a citizen astronomer
Thanks to partnerships with renowned scientific organizations, like the SETI Institute, as well as NASA in the case of our exoplanet detection program, the eQuinox 2 will allow you to become a citizen astronomer, contributing to cutting-edge research on exoplanets, asteroids, comets, and much more. Join our vibrant global community of more than 10,000 citizen astronomers and turn into a space explorer.

Contributing to NASA missions
With your eQuinox 2, you will be able to directly contribute to key space missions. In the US, citizen astronomers from the Unistellar community who helped NASA’s Lucy mission to the Trojan asteroids were then invited by NASA to attend the launch of the mission.
Citizen astronomers from the Unistellar community were among the very few to observe and record the impact of DART, the very first space planetary defense drill in human history.
Join the Unistellar network of citizen astronomers and become a space explorer yourself.



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Smart telescope
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Full tube


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Unistellar Telescope N 114/450 eQuinox 2
Unistellar Telescope N 114/450 eQuinox 2
Unistellar Telescope N 114/450 eQuinox 2
Unistellar Telescope N 114/450 eQuinox 2
Unistellar Telescope N 114/450 eQuinox 2

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