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( 5 / 5 )
Product no.: 63162

Apochromatic refractor AP 80/400 STELLINA

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Product description

The Vaonis STELLINA Smart Telescope allows observations of the Moon, galaxies, nebulae and comets - fully automated and convenient from your smartphone or tablet.

Traditional telescopes show faint deep sky objects only as hazy glowing clouds. This is especially frustrating in light polluted areas around towns and cities. Long exposures through an astrophotography camera need to replace the human eye to show more details and colours. STELLINA reveals these faint features with unprecedented ease of use! The Smart Telescope is a fully automated astrophotography rig.

Not everybody can invest the time to select and and assemble the right astrophoto setup, master the operation of all the components including mount and camera, align the telescope exactly, and then spend days processing the images. Stellina does all this with the simple press of a button. Enjoy your observation of deep sky objects without months of trial and error.

Simply connect your Smartphone or Tablet to STELLINA's Wi-Fi hotspot. A free app for Android and iOS will give you recommended observation targets based on your location. Choose your preferred object and lean back.

Auto-Alignment: The telescope is capable of offline plate solving. It calculates the exact celestial coordinates of the current attitude based on the stars visible to the integrated camera. A cumbersome Star-Alignment is a thing of the past!

Auto-Focusing: High-end stepper motors keep the target inside the field of view despite the earth's rotation, focus automatically on the stars and rotate the camera sensor to offset the azimuthal field rotation. STELLINA never loses track of your observation target!

Live-Stacking: Once fixated on a target, STELLINA is collecting exposures. The optimal camera parameters are chosen automatically. All exposures are being processed autonomously by the integrated computer and presented live on your smartphone or tablet. Breath-taking observations are possible with just a little patience: The image becomes clearer and richer in details because new exposures are being collected non-stop. Follow this live stacking in real time and share your experience with up to ten simultaneously connected devices of your friends and family.

STELLINA combines innovative controls with premium high-tech:

  • The apochromatic 80 mm ED Doublet optical element from Lanthanum glass competes with professional telescopes. In contrast to other optical builds it doesn't require regular collimation.
  • The high-sensitivity Sony Exmor Starvis IMX178 sensor with 6 megapixel resolution (3096 x 2080) is the sensor of choice for many established manufacturers of astronomy cameras.
  • An integrated light pollution filter (CLS) enables the observation even from a city!
  • Sensors for temperature and humidity are in control of an anti-dew heating element that keeps your optics free from mist
  • Thanks to the waterproof enclosure (IP53) you don't have to fear a sudden change in weather.
  • A sturdy high-quality carbon fibre tripod carries STELLINA securely. The standardised 3/8" photo thread enables you to use the tripod of your choice.
  • In contrast to traditional astrophotography setups, the compact and light STELLINA is easy to transport!
  • The telescope is powered though a USB-C connection. The included power bank (10,000 mAh) fits discreetly into a battery compartment and provides electricity for ca. 5 hours of operation. Alternatively, STELLINA can be powered with any regular phone charger or an even larger-capacity power bank of your choice.



Type of build
Smart telescope
Aperture (mm)
Focal length (mm)
Resolving capacity
Aperture ratio (f/)
Tube construction
Full tube


Type of build


Mounting type
GoTo control
Battery compartment
yes (Rechargeable battery)
Battery life (h)
Stepper motors
Weight (kg)

GoTo control

Alignment method
ca. 200


Weight (kg)

Included accessories

Carry case


Total weight (kg)
Length (mm)
Width (mm)
Height (mm)

Area of application

yes (automatic)
Nebulae & galaxies
Moon & Planets
Nature Observation

Recommended for

not recommended

Recommended accessories

Telescope accessories (1)
Carry case

Vaonis Carry case Transporttasche für STELLINA

$ 212.00*
Photo Tripods (1)
Carbon tripod

Vaonis Gitzo Tripod for VESPERA / STELLINA, tall

$ 750.00*

*All prices include VAT plus shipping costs.

Vaonis Apochromatic refractor AP 80/400 STELLINA
STELLINA App (Android, iOS)
Vaonis Apochromatic refractor AP 80/400 STELLINA
Live observation of the moon
Vaonis Apochromatic refractor AP 80/400 STELLINA
Battery compartment
Vaonis Apochromatic refractor AP 80/400 STELLINA
Vaonis Apochromatic refractor AP 80/400 STELLINA
Vaonis Apochromatic refractor AP 80/400 STELLINA
Vaonis Apochromatic refractor AP 80/400 STELLINA
NGC 2070
Vaonis Apochromatic refractor AP 80/400 STELLINA
Vaonis Apochromatic refractor AP 80/400 STELLINA

Customer reviews

A fantastic device

Review by davkt on 08.02.2021 00:26:35

( 5 / 5 )

This is a fantastic device, set up in minutes and taking photos to match any good 80mm refractor, even from my heavily light polluted front yard (2 broad spectrum LED street lamps within 20m of where the scope sits it can be seeing below mag 15 in an hour of data.

Impressionnant de facilité

Review by Dahu74 on 09.02.2020 09:51:29

( 5 / 5 )

I was looking for a telescope to start in astronomy and be able to take pictures of the sky. I am not disappointed ! Very easy to use, the images obtained (from the orion nebula and the horse's head) on my samsung tablet are magnificent.
Quickly received after my order, thank you to Astroshop.

Super Telescope

Review by Astronomie74 on 09.02.2020 09:47:06

( 5 / 5 )

I wanted a telescope that allows me to take pictures very easily, because I don't have all the knowledge and time to learn. With Stellina, everything is easy! Just put the telescope down and you’re gone for great images of the wonders of the night sky. I recommend to all lovers of nature and the universe!

I'm impressed!

Review by Peje on 25.01.2020 14:35:12

( 5 / 5 )


I have had my Stellina since a couple of weeks.
I have to say I am impressed!
It was delivered properly in a safe box that can be re-used.

The Stellina is a well built device. It has a very high standard. You can't default it.
Also the tripod is very sturdy and stable. It's a great combination to work with.

As soon as you have installed your Stellina (it doesn't take long) it's a real pleasure to watch how the Stellina positions itself and focuses on the sky. After this you can choose an object in the sky and immediately the images are live stacking in the App. During this you can still scroll back and watch how the picture gets better and better.
The quality of the final picture is impressive. Lots of details and sometimes wonderful colours.
(If needed a usb stick can be used to do manual stacking of the fits files afterwards.)

The App is a real pleasure to work with as well. It has a good description of the objets. You can also see live details of the sensors in the Stellina (like temperature, humidity,...)

The support desk is also very helpful and they respond to questions very quickly.

You won't regret buying a Stellina.


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