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Anita Maier

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Black Weekend Sale: prices slashed on over 200 products. This weekend only!

November 24 2023, Anita Maier

Are you looking for a good bargain for Christmas? Then take advantage of our Black Weekend sales. Among these special offers there is something for every astronomer and every budget. Prices apply from Friday 24th until Monday 27th November 2023.


Top Deals of Black Weekend!



Omegon Binocular Hunter 10×42

Save 70 Euros now!


Omegon wide-field binoculars for star field observing 2.1×42

Save 40 Euros now!



Omegon Nightstar 20+40×100 Doublet binoculars with interchangeable eyepieces

Save 300 Euros now!




Omegon Telescope N 150/750 EQ-3

Save 70 Euros now!


Meade Telescope AC 90/900 Polaris EQ

Save 200 Euros now!



Skywatcher Telescope N 200/1000 Explorer 200P EQ5

Save 150 Euros now!

The sale is for a limited time only and while supplies last, for each article!

Seize the opportunity to save and order your Christmas presents this weekend!

Donation for Scope4SEN

February 12 2019, Anita Maier

Children with special educational needs and more vulnerable people should also be given the chance to look through a telescope and explore the Moon, the planets and the stars. Joanne & Patrick Poitevin took up the challenge to roll out the initiative Scope4SEN (Telescopes for Special Educational Needs) for the United Kingdom since end 2015. Schools for special educational needs and institutions for children with disabilities are donated a telescope, a binocular, and loads of education material through sponsorship.


Each school or institution who got this telescope will get the necessary support to use the telescope and all the material. So far they donated in 3 years about 600 telescopes, along with other educational material, such as binoculars, meteorites, SUNoculars, books, posters, magazines, stereoscopes, digital microscopes, planispheres, solar glasses, magnifiers, planetariums, CCD cameras, etc.


Once again, we have given support to this project at a value of 10,000 Euros and wish the association even more success in their endeavors!


We wish you a happy new year!

December 31 2018, Anita Maier

Astroshop.eu wishes you all the best for the new year and scores of beautiful observations.

We look forward to meeting you again in 2019 with advice and deeds, as well as special offers.

Your Astroshop.eu team.

Merry Christmas

December 24 2018, Anita Maier

Once again, we stand at the door of the holiday season.  The first cold days lay behind us and we all look forward to a nice cup of hot cocoa to warm our cold hands.  Oh… and clear-sky Winter nights!  In the past few years, Astroshop has shared several bits of exciting news with stargazers at the end of each year.  At the end you will find a great holiday tip from us.

Astroshop in Dutch

The Belgian Astronomy dealer Astromarket now belongs to the Astroshop family.  With a bigger and more diverse team, we can advise Dutch and Belgian customers in their own language.  Another positive side-effect: as a current customer, you can take advantage of a larger product range, as well as a new show-room in Hasselt, not far from the German border near Aachen.

Mead Telescopes with Service from Distributor

As of August 2018, Astroshop is an official distributor of the well-known telescope brand MEADE in 15 European countries.  Our experts possess extensive knowledge of the Meade product range, meaning you get competent advise and all-around technical service from Astroshop.


Your Own Wide-field Photos with the MiniTrack LX2

The Omegon MiniTrack LX2 is a fully mechanical and extremely compact travel mount, with which you can capture wonderful photos of the night sky.  The magazine Sky & Telescope has awarded the MiniTrack the coveted “Hot Product 2019” award.

By the way

Many other product announcements, regular sales, and other news can be found on our blog on the Astroshop.eu website. Or just like and follow us on Facebook!


Tip: the Christmas Comet

Just in time for the holidays, an astronomical highlight awaits!  The Christmas Comet, as many have called it, 46P/Wirtanen will take the stage.  On the 16th of December, the comet will reach its closest distance to Earth, and for the following weeks should be visible to the naked eye and easily with a set of binoculars.  In the New Year, we have the pleasure of witnessing a Lunar Eclipse on the 21st of January.


We wish you all clear skies and a wonderful holiday season with family and friends.  We thank you for putting your trust in us and we look forward to being a part of a happy and astronomically successful 2019!



Happy New Year!

December 27 2016, Anita Maier

Den bevorstehenden Jahreswechsel nehmen wir zum Anlass, uns bei Ihnen für Ihr Vertrauen zu bedanken und Ihnen einen kleinen Rückblick auf das Jahr 2016 bei Astroshop.de zu geben.

Unter der Marke Omegon entstanden in unserer eigenen Entwicklungsabteilung einige interessante neue Produkte, allen voran Push+, eine Dobson-Montierung mit digitalen Encodern zur Navigation mit dem Smartphone. Nebenbei wurden auch bestehende Produkte verbessert, wie die Omegon Triplet-Apochromaten, die wir wegen ihrer erstaunlich niedrigen Preise „Volksapos“ nennen. Diese warten nun mit einer justierbaren Linsenzelle und einigen weiteren Optimierungen auf.

Ein Produkt, das wir schon 2015 auf den Markt gebracht haben, ist Universe2go. Diese Augmented Reality Sternenbrille findet eine immer größere Fangemeinde und wurde gerade mit dem begehrten „Hot Product Award 2017“ der US-Astrozeitschrift Sky&Telescope gekürt.

—-  —–                   —


Wir verstehen es als unsere Aufgabe, das schöne Hobby Astronomie mehr Menschen leichter zugänglich zu machen. Deshalb engagieren wir uns seit diesem Jahr mit Sachspenden für die Initiative „Stars shine for everyone – Sterne funkeln für jeden“, mit Alexander Gerst und Ranga Yogeshwar als Paten. Hier wird Kindern in Förderschulen und Schulen mit Inklusion sowie Menschen mit Behinderung eine Chance gegeben, den Sternenhimmel durch ein Teleskop zu entdecken und damit die Welt ein Stück weit anders zu sehen. Wenn auch Sie das gemeinnützige Programm unterstützen möchten, finden Sie weitere Informationen unter www.sterne-funkeln-fuer-jeden.de.


Auch 2017 haben wir viel vor. Damit Sie auch in Zukunft nichts verpassen: Wir halten Sie über unseren Blog, über Facebook und Twitter ständig auf dem Laufenden.

Wir freuen uns, Sie auch weiterhin als Kunden bei uns begrüßen zu dürfen und wünschen Ihnen einen guten Start ins neue Jahr!


Push+ object finder: With telescope and smartphone to the stars

September 5 2016, Anita Maier

You surely know this from your own observations: You are looking for a galaxy in a starless region, you look critically at your red illuminated star chart. And think about the best way to approach the object.

Finding objects sometimes is a major challenge. Why not make life easier! With the new Push+ system from Omegon. But where does the smartphone come into play?


The name stands for a brand new object finder system from Omegon – in form of a Dobsonian Telescope. Equipped with digital encoders and Bluetooth, it provides a wireless connection between your smartphone + App (or even your PC) and the telescope. A Push+ telescope gives you the quickest way to find objects. For a successful stargazing evening!

Omegon Push+ products are currently available as an 8-inch Dobsonian telescope or separately as a Dobson mount (rockerbox) with GP receptacle for your own tube.

Have become curious? Then go directly to the product pages for telescopes and mounts for more information.