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( 4.75 / 5 )
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Mount EQM-35 PRO SynScan GoTo

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Product description

The Sky-Watcher EQM-35 PRO Synscan Modular Equatorial Mount offers the versatility of two mounts in one! A normal Go-To equatorial mount and a lightweight photo imaging mount, which is convenient for travelling.

In standard configuration mode with DEC and RA axes, you can use it as a normal Synscan™ equatorial mount with computerised Go-To and tracking in both axes with access to 42,900+ objects in the Synscan™ handset's database. The payload capacity for visual use is an impressive 10kg in this configuration.

For travelling you can remove the DEC Axis together with the heavy counterweight shaft and counterweights, reducing the instrument's weight considerably. In this configuration you can use a simple 45mm dovetail plate with tripod screw (not supplied) and fit your camera directly using a ball head (not supplied). Alternatively a DSLR can be mounted to a Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer L-Bracket (not supplied). With the DEC axis removed the mount only tracks in RA and you can easily take photos. Now the mount works in a similar way to the Star Adventurer mount, but heavier duty.

The mount head bears some cosmetic similarity to the EQ3 PRO but it has much improved features and performance. For example the mount is equipped with a large 92.5 mm diameter RA worm wheel with 180 teeth for high precision tracking (compared to 130 teeth for the EQ3). Also the strength of the rotary base has been increased. This results in much greater stability, higher payload capacity and less vibration. Through this the periodic error is also greatly improved.

The EQM-35 PRO SynScan is a conveniently sized mount with impressive features suitable for both novice & experienced astronomers alike, for both visual and imaging use.



Max. additional load capacity (kg)
Input voltage
Amperage (A)
Weight mount head only (kg)
Counterweight(s) (piece)
Motor type
Stepper motors
Polar elevation setting (°)
28 - 65
DEC worm gear diameter (mm)
RA worm gear diameter (mm)
DEC worm shaft diameter (mm)
RA worm shaft diameter (mm)
Material of worm gear
Worm gear teeth (DEC) (piece)
Worm gear teeth (RA) (piece)
Diameter of counterweight bar (mm)
Mounting saddle

Special features

GoTo system
Traveling mount
PEC correction


Tripod <p>
Power pack
Other contents
Cigarette lighter, electric cable
Pole finder


Tripod material


Total weight (kg)
Type of build

GoTo control

GoTo Language
USB 2.0
Tracking speeds
sideral, solar and lunar

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Skywatcher Mount EQM-35 PRO SynScan GoTo

Typical application 1

Skywatcher Mount EQM-35 PRO SynScan GoTo

Typical application example 2

Customer reviews

From beginner to intermediate to somewhat advanced

Review by T. M. on 26.08.2021 00:14:50

( 5 / 5 )

This is my first proper equatorial mount and I've been terribly pleased with it.

When I bought it, it was clear that the EQ3 was not going to fulfill my needs and I simply couldn't afford an EQ5 or even 6. So the EQM-35 was an excellent compromise. Having used it now for more than 3 years, I don't feel I've compromised at all.

I usually set it up in my backyard, but it is mobile enough to quickly pack in the car and go to a dark site. I can easily get 30 sec unguided exposures with even a rough setup. 2 mins if I spend an extra few minutes aligning and balancing the mount properly (as you should). Guided, it usually twitches around +/- 2-2½ arc second precision mark. Which I'm told very few mounts can do better.

It still amazes that you can get such a sturdy tripod, excellently crafted mount, guide and snap ports, hand controller, in-built polar scope for this price. I generally hate to used the term 'bargain' because that usually means that it's some cheap crap. It's cheap, yes. But it most certainly isn't crap.

I do agree that the 10kg weight limit is quite optimistic. I've tried putting on a Maksutov 180mm on it, and it did manage it (with cameras, miniguide scope). But I could tell the gears were struggling even though I put particular care into balancing it.

Due to extensive use over the past 3 years (not to mention I've probably overextended its weight limit with the 180 Mak), it does seem to have developed quite a bit of backlash. I'm currently looking into what can be done about it without sending it to a professional for repairs. It's not so bad as to have rendered the mount useless. But it is clear I'll have to do something about it eventually.

I'm giving it 5 stars regardless. You get a huge bang for your buck with this mount. I highly recommend this mount to the beginner as well as the advanced amateur astronomer. For visual as well as photography.

My Youtube Video Reviews with Skywatcher EQM-35 PRO GoTo

Review by Ioan_Nemes on 16.04.2021 11:58:34

( 5 / 5 )

I have made several video reviews over the years for the Skywatcher Eqm-35 pro GoTo on Youtube:

Sky-Watcher EQM-35 PRO Review Part I: https://youtu.be/hi_yrjxSeW4
GSO Ritchey-Chretien 6'' with Skywatcher EQM35 PRO REVIEW-Deepsky and Planetary https://youtu.be/Djd67Qsq_WE
My First Astrophotography Kit: SkyWatcher ED80 and Eqm-35 Pro Mount

An excellent mount, I used it for 2 years now with very good results, combined with an autoguider i was able to take even 20 min long exposures with round stars. I tested the mount with my skywatcher Ed80/600, Tecnosky 70/320 with my Ritchey-chretien 1370/152 6 inch telescope with fantastic results. I used it also as a star tracker using dslr and different camera lenses.
I have more videos with the Skywatcher EQM35-PRO on my youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/c/GalaxyArtMedia

great mount for its price

Review by stars9345 on 14.04.2020 14:51:33

( 5 / 5 )

I bought this mount for astrophotography and I am very happy with it. I mounted skywatcher 130pds newtonian reflector, that weights 4kg on it and I was able to easily balance it with both counterweights. with precise polar alignment I was able to take 2-minute exposures with perfect stars in more than 70% of images.
the goto system works perfectly and after a 3-star alignment, my target is always in the center of an image.

Very good and conveniently sized mount

Review by O. N. on 01.03.2021 01:56:50

( 4 / 5 )

I have an Orion optics UK VX8 that weighs in at around 8.7kg with cameras and extras on top of it and i don't feel comfortable using longer than 30sec exposures unguided, but if its not windy i can trust that almost all of the frames are good or at least usable. My OTA also hits the tripod legs if im shooting directly towards the zenith, but that's more of a newtonian problem than a mount problem.

I believe the 10kg limit is a bit optimistic and you should aim to be significantly lower than this for astrophotography (the reason you will buy this), with mine the counterweights are very close to the end of the counterweight rod. I feel like i would have bought either a smaller telescope or larger mount given more accurate info.

Still, it does work acceptably and i can recommend it. Especially for telescopes comfortably within the weight limits.

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